Authencicate this Mulberry Elin, please

  1. Wouldn't like to say for sure. There doesn't appear to be much grain in the leather (although i've seen some v smooth looking darwin bags) and the holes in the leather look a bit on the small size for the size of the buckle. However you ARE paypal protected so should be able to get your money back IF it is fake. Hopefully you'll get some more opinions from other mulberry lovers!
  2. I don't think this is genuine for a few reasons, the leather doesn't look right (texture or colour) and the inside of the bag doesn't look right (the pocket looks too smooth and the scratches don't look like the way Darwin marks) i would not bid on this but again the photos could be bad
  3. I'm inclined to think it is fake also. The Mulberry tree on the dustbag is in a very strange location and the interior Mulberry tag looks slightly too rounded on the edges.
  4. Thank you so much. I thought that it was fake since the seller clearly stated that it was not possible to return it.
  5. Seller also states bag gently used, but looks well used to me.