Auth White Jacobs Satm bag... can this be reported?

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  1. Well I've just reported it, it does say Marc Jacobs in the listing.
  2. Your right it does
  3. Reported! I don't think this listing will last very long.
  4. I reported it
  5. that bag is so ... sad.
  6. I reported it also
  7. Reported. Did you notice it says 13 available? :yucky:
  8. hahahha i found this amusing
  9. Listing gone.
  10. YAY!!!!!
    i reported it as well. was this the gross one that was something ridiculous like $150 BIN with 15 available?? LOL that is just disgusting.
  11. yes it was gross! and someone purchased two of them!
  12. pulled!
  13. even if items dont have the full designer's name in the title but are clearly not authentic bags, this is a violation of ebays terms. luckily this one got pulled