auth this plz

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  1. well
    i fould this one ebay .....
    eBay: NEW AUTH FENDI 8BK044 MINI CHEF HANDBAG PURSE BRN TRIM (item 120038790992 end time Oct-05-06 07:00:00 PDT)

    eBay: AUTHENTIC FENDI 8BR436 ZUCCA BROWN CHEF HANDBAG PURSE (item 120036947148 end time Oct-05-06 12:10:00 PDT)

    and just think y is it rediculously cheap????

    so ..... i wonder .... could this be real ???

    I dont have experience on fendi watsoever >>>> usually buy LV but would like to have one.

    really in love with the spy but tooooo big on me >>

    one of the styles i like is chef ,,,, so do u i think i can trust these?
  2. nope, both are fake, and all the bags this seller sells are fake.
  3. please only post authenticity questions in the Authenticate This! sticky at the top of this Forum.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.