Auth Louis Vuitton Monogram Sac Shopping Shoulder Bag

  1. Hi doeas anyone have any views on this bag. I am trying to make the right decision between this and the mezzo, I already have a caba piano whic is a bit too small. Thanks.
  2. I had one and gave it to my sister since she needed a big bag for work and I hardly ever used it. She loves it. She wears it almost everyday and it has held up very well. You can fit a ton of stuff in it and it is very well made. Now I am back in to big bags and kind of sad I gave it to her. But I just got the Neverfull MM yesterday so I am happy with my new bag.
  3. I love that bag... That is my Ultimate!!! Get it!! Please You will never regret it. And if you do ,sell it to me after lol.... Good Luck.... GET IT !!!!! :tup:
  4. do u know what the measurements are for it?
  5. I vote for the mezzo :yes:
  6. :yes:i have the shopper and its quite big! i never use mine anymore---- but it was created for shopping groceries and such. the bottom is smaller- so when full of stuff- it stands on its own.... maybe i should sell u mine! its way nicer than that one on lets trade!:p
  7. My mom has it, its great, but its very vintage.

    I like the cabas mezzo better!
  8. I LVoe it, don't contemplate just because it older. It looks great!!
  9. Cute!
  10. Hi, I am going to go for the Mezzo bag!!!:tup: