Auth Juicy on EBay?

  1. Well, don't take my advice as 100% Gospel BUT I have a Daydreamer bag and it is not a zip-top- I've never seen one with a zip top either.........
  2. I also have a daydreamer and mine does not have zipper. In addition, I almost ordered another daydreamer with the same color as the one in the eBay listing from, but it is not decorated pom. It comes with a embossed leather patch instead. might stil have it on its website. I think the one on ebay is a fake. Hope this helps.
  3. Just checked with They still have that one on there. Not only is it not decorated with pom, the front pattern is also different. I have the pom one in Chocolate/blue; but I have never seen the pink/brown one (or else I would probably have gotten that color instead) in the pom series.
  4. fake!

  5. I'll tell ya, whoever is making the fake Juicys is pretty good at it- I've seen fakes in person and they are pretty nice looking. The details don't match real bags BUT they are very very authentic-looking. The key is always looking at the "fluff" decorating the bags. They have alot of mis-matched decorative stuff on fakes.
  6. THANKS SO MUCH..everyone's right here- definitely fake..finally, a nice Nordstrom SA verified they never came in zip.. no poms.
    :smile: (how come no Juicy forum anyway?)