auth items at ebay

  1. I know most of all items at ebay are fake but there are some that are genuine, the only one seller I know who sell auth Lv is my poupette or sth right? but from where she gets those items? I´d like to get something but not sure of it...

    right now I´m looking at timeless lv seller items and are also auth, he or she has a round coin purse from the groom collection.

    I need too someone who ships worldwide, I´m from mexico and items here are more expensive.
  2. timeless lv does ship worldwide.
    i would just email the seller in question and ask if they ship to your area and what the cost is.
  3. There are alot of people selling authentic LV on just have to know your stuff. If you don't, then I suggest you stick to MPRS or post links to auctions you're interested in, in the Authenticate This section.

    Emma/Darren (Timeless LV) do ship internationally. They are in the UK so that's pretty much a given. They're great and wonderful to work with. Send them an email...they're very easy going and have a wide variety of items to choose from.

    GL on your search!
  4. yeah, i bought lot of my authentic bags or accessories from ebay, you just have to do your research! good luck :P
  5. oh thanks you! so, I´m gonna see their itmes and sign me in first haha!