Auth designer handbag boutique?

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  1. Hi guys, Is Sabine's Boutique legit/real? If yes, what are your experiences so far with this seller? I am very skeptical of buying authentic bags online. Any help/comments would be great! Thanks!

    Here is the link to her site:
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  2. i'm not an expert on authentication of gucci or any of the brands on the website. I'd advise you to get more pictures of the actual bag you would receive and post on the "authenticate this" threads in the respective forums..
  3. I've looked through, and they don't look authentic. A lot of the shapes are very odd, as well as the coloring. I own a Diorissimo Boston bag and that is NOT what it looks like.
  4. please do a search before posting. . . but this is the DEALS & STEALS Forum, it's only for you to post authentic deals or steals please.

    Thank you!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.