Auth. check please... MULBERRY

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  1. Hi guys...

    I can't find any section for authenticating Mullberry bag. I really love Mulberry, but I really really have no idea which one is authentic and which one is fake.. errrr... not many info on Mulberry out there.. (at least I didn't find any..)

    Anyways... I hope someone could help me authenticate this bag...

    Thank youuuuuuuuuuuu so so very much ^___________^





    Thank you so muchhhhhhh.......
  2. Is this an Ebay auction? do you have the item number? The colouring of the bag is correct including the studs and disk , also the tree logo on the disk and the tree logo in bronze on the logo patch is correct. I have the Mulberry Ayler in this trio of colours coconut,oak and nude and the lining in my handbag has piping around the edges where the towelling material is (and i don't see it on this bag? )

  3. Thank you for responding mulberrylobe ^_________^

    Yes.. this is an ebay auction, but the seller hasn't responded back though. I messaged the seller asking for more pictures and the serial number... but no response so far..

    Uhm.. about the pipping.. you mean like those uhm... kinda hard to explain by words..

    Like.. pipping around the bottom edges of the material? Where they're supposedly sewn together?

    I don't really know how they're suppose to look like since I've never seen this "Ayler" in store hehehe.. but I think I kinda get what you meant by it..

    I'll try to ask the seller again..

    Thank you so muchhhhh MULBERRYLOVE ^__________^
  4. Oh, I had this bag for a about two months. I loved it, but returned it to Nordstrom because the hardware was chipping. I spent hundreds of dollars and was disappointed to see the hardware around the closures chip off from a brown to an aluminum color. I found out later that Mulberry does correct the problem for free. You just have to send it to them. I have a thread about this problem, with pics, somewhere.

    I don't remember seeing a serial # on it, but everything else looks good to me.