AUTH. CHECK + is there such a thing as BABY MULBERRY EMMY?

  1. Hi guys..

    Is there such a thing as Baby Mulberry Emmy?

    This seller posted pictures of the bag, but it looks exactly like Mulberry Emmy.

    The seller says that Baby Mulberry Emmy = Mulberry Alana, but this bag does not look like Alana.
    It's Emmy alright... but the size is wayyyy too small..

    The size is stated as 7" H x 11" W x 6" D

    Is this authentic or fake?

    Please help..




  2. strange- you're right it looks like the Emmy but the measurements are wrong. The Alana doesn't have the pockets on the ends as far as I can tell from the pictures on the Mulberry website. Why would Mulberry make a slightly smaller Emmy? i doubt they did so either the measuremenst are wrong or it's a fake IMO. Can you ask them to check the measurements again in case they've made an error?!
  3. Hi , you have the bar code on the ticket ? it looks like it , ring Mulberry and they can check the bar code number to see what it represents . It is a lot smaller .
  4. also ask the seller whether the size measurements are correct , they could have sold a bag previously and just relisted without checking the sizes ( as i have done !!)
  5. Just look at the string with the tag, it's not authentic. But it's a good copy.
  6. Why does the string make the bag not authentic? Im just interested, as I wouldnt have picked up on that!