AUTH Balenciaga INK Day Hobo Motorcycle Bag MINTY!

  1. Sorry I BIN. Guess you have to get up pretty early in the morning eh?:yahoo:

    Hopefully its the real deal. someone from here? 280032760814

    Somebody STOP ME (I also snagged the mini teal earlier):drool:
  2. The leather is gorgeous! Congratulations! :yahoo:
  3. You did great - she has sold many other wonderful B-bags for good prices!! Congrats!
  4. excellent - thanks. Now I must part with one of these. I can't KEEP them all. Can I?

  5. NICE Ink Day!

    In the picture above, is your Day bag green or brown?
  6. green. :smile:
  7. My favorite so far
  8. Yay, congratulations! I love your First!
  9. CONGRATS again rocco :yahoo: :yahoo: :flowers: - the INK Day looks GORGEOUS, you'll LOVE it :heart: :love:
  10. BEAUTIFUL!!! :drool:
  11. thank you thank you thank you you guys are the greatest
  12. I think this day used to be mine... :lol: it has amazing leather! enjoy it rocco!
  13. funny how things go round n round amongst us :smile:

  14. So funny. I was thinking the same thing. Yours was easily the best ink bbag I have ever seen