AUTH Balenciaga 06 White Weekender Bag motorcycle city

  1. This bag is gorgeous and in excellent condition. Love the White. Of course, I would dirty her up immediately.

    Just wondering if the BIN is in pounds or euros. BIG DIFFERENCE!!! I'm assuming it's in pounds?:shrugs:
  2. unfortunately it's in pounds (which is hideously high atm! grr)
  3. Oh that's what I thought:sad:
  4. Hehe but Fendihunter you have SUCH a gorgeous collection already!!!!! I just LOVE LOVE LOVE you sky blue :drool:
  5. Thank you. I love her too.:heart: BTW, I always say I'm done and then something always catches my eye.:nuts:
  6. Hehe oh yes me too - people who's never owned a Bbag thought all the colours looked the same but to us, each one is so unique and different (which is why some gals could have a emerald, seafoam and pistachio and still want the vert'deau hahaha):p
  7. :drool:

    That's just GORGEOUS!! I wish I was the kinda girl who would be able to keep a white bag, white!! :shame: