Australia's Target get Stella McCartney

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    Ok.. so we down under finally get the Stella McCartney Range available at Target next monday (i will need to get there early when Target opens to get my pick hehehe.. DH will think i'm crazy)

    Anyway, just wondering, is our line similar to the one that was launched in the US???
  2. I don't think Stella McCartney did a U.S. line for Target. She did a line for H&M (I think in 2005). I read that her Target line would be exclusively available in Australia. Someone please correct me if I'm wrong here (it happens more than it should).
  3. I don't think she launched here in US. But let us know if you get anything!
  4. You have NO idea how jealous I am!! We don't have H&M or even Target in Singapore! :crybaby:
  5. The only trouble is they have only limited stock so you can bet people will get there early buy everything and then sell on eBay and not every store is getting the range.
  6. I´m so jealous! We don´t have target here.
  7. Is Target available everywhere in Aus including Sydney? :p
  8. i'm jealous! the stella line for au target looks nicer than the designer lines for us target have been, but it seems pricier as well--closer to the designer collection h&m prices (for example, I think Viktor & Rolf for h&m were more expensive than proenza schouler for target)

    you must buy everything and show us your fabulous finds!
  9. I doubt that we'll see Stella in the US. Target US and Target Australia are owned by 2 different companies... The Australian company was simply granted the rights to use the logo for their stores by Target Corp in the US. It would be great to see her stuff sold here though!

    Kasumi, let us know what you find!
  10. you're right!

    i wanted some of her H&M pieces but they didn't open a H&M here yet! grrr..

    i hope target will come out with some of her pieces in US! it's a lot better then going to H&M....some days there is a LINE just to get in! and the lines to get rung up/try on is horrible too
  11. Yes, Target is everywhere in Sydney. I looked up the white pages and found 24 stores within Sydney city, but not all stores are getting the merchandise.
  12. Am definitely gg to queue up to get the new pieces!! Love the line, as a matter of fact, i had just check the website out before logging in. The prices are a lil more than Sportsgirl but definitely worth it IMO !! :yahoo:
  13. The collection looks great!!!! I'd send my MIL to pick up something for me but I know she'll bugger it up. She'd end up shopping the normal clothes and find me something "functional" and "cheaper". *sigh*

    Good luck Ladies! Post bag with the booty! Also, can someone take their camera, would love to see pics of the crowds, etc.
  14. omg, i'm so jealous! i think i might have to go on eBay and get a few pieces myself.
  15. As I predicted, I went into Target today about 3 1/2 after opening. Not one piece of the line left. It's all gone..