Australians interested in Miroir Hearts...

  1. Just got some information from the Enquiry line, about them.

    The silver and gold retail for AUD$520 here. There are currently silver hearts in stock. No gold hearts,but there will be in early Feb.

    There is 1 silver Cosmetics case available in the whole of Australia! It is located in Sydney. AUD$520. No gold available yet.

  2. are the vernis hearts in stock yet?
  3. I forgot to ask about them!
  4. Here is Brisbane they will be holding all their miroir items, new cles too for an event which is like 4 weeks away ...not fair at all:tdown:
  5. Thank you very much for the info! Does anyone know by any chance if the vernis heart cost the same as the miroir heart? I want a pomme heart :love:
  6. I imagine it does ..last year they were $500:yes:
  7. Thanks for the info. :flowers:
  8. i just went to the melbourne boutique today hoping to buy a vernis heart or the new cles...but the sales assistant told me that it will launch closer to valentines day...asked to be waitlisted and they said they havent got the codes for it yet.....but i came home with a pomme roxbury drive :smile:
  9. ^^ Congrats on your new bag .. don't forget to post photos:wlae: How can they NOT have the codes for them if one person here (see post above) has already pre-paid for them???
  10. im not sure...but the sales assistant said he would call when they do get it first i dont think he knew what was talking about...i asked another sales assistant and she said the hearts were from last
  11. ^^ My SA said that the codes were in the system .. that is how I know where I am on the w.l....I think the hearts will be launched at an event in Melbourne too:yes:
  12. Yeah when I first rang the info line, she said the hearts are from last year. And I had to explain, no they have come out again..blah blah.
    Then shes like, did you find this out from the Internet? And I said, Yes from the Purse Forum! LOL :lol:
  13. Has anyone purchased any of the miroir items yet or are Stores holding onto them for events????
  14. Whoever said they're not in the system is BS'ing...someone I know doing the auditing for them said he saw the hearts are listed in the stuff being audited at the moment.

    Picking mine up (all 3 of those colours) on Feb 2 during that event in Sydney..and yes, they're all paid for in order to secure them. Not exactly happy with this arrangement but who can I argue with? :tdown:
  15. Does Sydney have the LE vernis cles yet?