Australian PFER'S

  1. has anyone here used Oroton bag maintenance stuff on your bbags? do you think it will be ok or ruin it?

    my sis bought me some for xmas but i'm too scared to use it until i know it works
  2. Liz I would advise against it.

    Oroton leather is completely different to Balenciaga leather (as you would know) and I wouldnt trust their products to be used on a Bal bag...

    Lovinmybags and Apple Leather Care products are the most popular ones that are used on Bal bags and they have a wide range of products that will clean, moitsturise, stain/rain repel etc.

    Even so, some PF'ers have even encountered problems with products that are specifically made for Bal bags... so taking a risk on Oroton leather care products is one that I wouldnt take.
  3. Yes, I have used Oroton leather care on all my Bbags. Oroton source all their leathers from Italy and have even used Buffalo Calf which is extremely delicate. I highly recommend it. It only has minimal odour too and it does a fantastic job of hydrating and cleansing whilst being very mild. I have used it on all my bags, even an 05 BG Pink.
  4. uhoh ..... two seperate responses.... :sweatdrop:

    maybe i'll try it on the bottom of the bag so no one will see it if it screws up.

    also what about the protectant spray? have either of you used that?
  5. liz, let us know how you go!

    I used some of my LMB stuff on the bottom of my mogano city, and it totally took away the shine. and smoothed out the veins. I'm not too sure I like that, so I haven't been game to apply it to the rest of my bag.

    It'll be nice to be able to use products available here for our bbags!

    I have some applegarde which I haven't tried yet, will probably try it over the holidays this week. I've been looking for a rain/water repellent spray, if the oroton one works, that will be awesome!
  6. Well there you go! :noggin:

    I personally HAVENT used Oroton leather care, so my opinion is based only on my thoughts, not experiences. The Oroton bags/wallets that I have owned are stiffer leather, not as soft, squishy and distressed as Bal leather, hence my response.

    I think it would be a good idea to try it on your mirror and see how you like it anyway. KDC has used it on all of her bags - so it seems like it works well with the Bal leather too.

    Let us know how you go - would be great too see before/after shots.
  7. Jade - AG sells rain/water repellent spray and I have only heard great things about it!
  8. please check the care & feed thread. i think the thread talked about other possible products to use. good luck.
  9. fashion cult, unfortunately I didn't get the AG rain/water repellent spray because the lovely lady who sent it to me only had the aerosol bottle and you can't airmail that. I think AG sells the pump bottle version, so I'll probably get my best friend to get some and bring it to SG for me when I go there next month!

    KDC - what do you use for rain/water repellent on your bbags?
  10. ok well ill try a bit on the bottom tomorrow and let you all know

    fingers crosses haha

    i'll be so upset if it hurts my beautiful bag! :boxing:
  11. I buy the water repellant spray from the local Mr Minit guy (or shoe cobbler)...The brand is: Waproo

    I use this on all my bags and have never had a problem. Never stains and it's easy to apply evenly. You can use it on light and dark bags, as it's non darkening. I even use it on my handles to prevent warming. I have never had any warming problems with any of my handles.

    You must try the Ototon cream, it's better than AG by far.
  12. That is really handy to know KDC, because LMB is quite expensive, and postage was a bit steep too...

    Just looked up Waproo's website. Which repellent do you buy water+stain or just water?

    Oroton also have water & stain protector - have you used it?

    I'm wrapped there is something local that has been tried and tested on bbags (thanks to you KDC) and actually works! :tup:
  13. Just piping in.. I use Waproo Water & Stain repellant. Costs about $14 if I remember correctly. Used it on all my bbags so far (3) and no problems with discoloration etc. Just apply in an outdoor setting and keep the nozzle about 30cm away from the bag.
  14. Thanks jo_ee - I will endeavour to find Waproo next time I am shopping!
  15. Yeah jo_ee is right, it's the water & stain repellant one that I use. Yes, I have experimented with all the Oroton products and they work wonders. My staple O product is the cleansing & moisturising creme...All of the Waproo products are amazing and IMO work better than AG or LMB.