Australian Harper's-tPF mention

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  1. I bought the Australian Harper's Bazaar (September) earlier in the week and have not had a chance to flick through, well I just picked it up and there is an article caller Emotional Baggage by Jamie Huckbody. It is an article about the Kelly bag. Then I get to paragraph 5 and woohoo, it mentions tPF and 3 of our members: I will type out the 2 paragraphs (any spelling mistakes are mine:

    Disciples range from those who acknowledge each others membership into this most-exclusive of clubs with a subtle nod, to those fans who regularly log onto, a website dedicated to women with a passion for handbags. The subscribers- about 60,000 in total - can even hang out in a dedicated area for Hermes aficionados. Women with cyber aliases, such as H_addict and BirkineSS, are an interesting bunch because, just like the bag about which they are passionate, they are an intelligent and sophisticated fraternity, made up of surgeons, pharmacists, lawyers and financial consultants.
    "Some of us here have more bags than the really wealthy people," Shopmom411 has said. "We're just average ladies with a passion.: But how could they be average when they truly understand what makes a Kelly bag so desirable - the painstakingly - detailed method behind each one?

    Whew, that took me ages.. Hope you guys enjoyed it..
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    Thanks for sharing but it sounds like a paraphrased version of Kelly Girls, the New York Times article by Christine Muhlke. Did the author cite that as a reference? Here are some snippets (underlined are the similarities):

    Peace, Suzie. :P
  3. Hi Allan, no references to anyone else, the writer obviously lifted from the article you mention.
  4. Bad writer. :lecture:
  5. Thank suzie and Allen! Hey OT~ Allen how do you multi quote?
  6. Ooohh good eye, allan! And do you know who the writer is? Jamie Huckbody! The editor of Australian Harper's Bazaar himself! Shame, shame! :tdown:

    Perhaps we should bring this to his attention...? :P
  7. Damn, it took me ages to type the bloody thing too.
  8. Like the one I did above?

    I copy the piece of text on the text box, highlight it, and choose the Quote icon between the image button and YouTube button.

    The other multi-quote which was available before but now I do "semi-manually". I right-click on the Quote button, and choose "Open in a new Tab" (I use Firefox) and then get the resulting quote snippet, to get like this:

  9. ^^ Thank you, but I think I am still at a loss...I miss the multi quote button we had here...But I'll take the search over that ANY day!
  10. I can only imagine. Having the magazine on your lap or side and keeping the pages from flipping over, or the magazine from closing. :roflmfao:
  11. For an editor of a magazin as famous as that this is a huge misstep
  12. I wonder if the New York Times and Bazaar have some sort of agreement or are somehow affiliated so that content is as easily exchangeable as that. Surely this is some form of plagiarism otherwise?
  13. Hmmm!
  14. Oh, there is a very long and sordid history on this NYT can't imagine...and I can't even help you imagine because that thread wasn't just shut down, it was obliterated from the record.... the misty corners...
  15. LMAO, Olive!