Australian girls.. eyebrows help needed!

  1. ... to cut the story short.. my itchy fingers worsen the uneven brows that i have.. and i need to look like i have PROPER eyebrows in about 20 days time.. i have an important dinner to attenddddd...:sad: :sad:

    i was in the vogue aust forum and they have all these eyebrow threads but they wouldnt lemme post anything since im a 'new member' but i joined two months ago and had tried to post so many times!! my posts just dont show up :crybaby: so im hoping for any aussie, particularly melbourne girls to recommend a proper brow bar?

    and also my brows arent fully grown out yet because ive just plucked and trimmed them and now they look like ^%$#@ :shame: .. so would they still do it for me? PLS PLS PLS help!
  2. I used to go to the Beautician in le Meridian (next to Rialto Towers) - they were great....although it was about five years ago.

    Please, don't touch your eyebrows anymore until you see someone. I know it's tempting. Perhaps you might want to carefully fill them in with a brow pencil, short strokes mimicking the brow hair is the best way.

    Good luck.

  3. The exact same thing happens to me on the forum. I get so angry because some of the members say things which aren't true and i want to straighten it out for them but my posts are always deleted (instantly at that). I tried to contact people but i cant find out an email address or anythign to acctually contact them with.
  4. naughtymanolo.. lol yeah ive tried emailling them as well but no response! i see other new members posting stuff but i cant? gees.
  5. Cal, lol yeah i wont touch em anymore hehee alrighty thanks!!
  6. i'm not from melbourne so i cant recommmend anyone, however, i do not think you will get a good result now if you get it professionally waxed.

    i suggest you using an eyebrow pencil to fix the flaws before your eyebrows grow back. or you can even get them tattooed later on. i've been thinkin about it coz i've got a really bad eyebrow shape and a scar from previous eyebrow piercing!
  7. I agree - especially the part about filling in your brows with pencil (see cal's earlier post as well)... in the meantime, check out this link to sharon lee's website She's supposedly one of Australia's best eyebrow shapers so maybe you could let your brows grow out and take a trip up to syd when they're long enough?
  8. Oh wait! She does Melbourne appointments too!!; maybe give them a call and describe your eyebrow state to them and see if anything can be done??
  9. Hoi hope this helps, when I lived in melbourne I found this lady and can say she really is the queen . If you can stand to leave them alone for the next couple of weeks and then get them done prefessionally just before the event I'm sure they will be fine. Good luck!
  10. i've heard of sharon! she's so famous in the industry, i think she has a shop in double bay, sydney?

    i've never visited tho coz i heard she charges like $60 for eyebrow shaping!
  11. hey guys - i'm in the same boat as you guys - i can't post in Vogue forum and it's soooooooooooo annoying!!! i've waited about 3 months now and i've emailed their tech support but no answer. i've pretty much given up.

    back to the OP - i'm in sydney and MAC at DJs does eyebrows for $45 (for a 45minute session) and it's great! Maybe melbourne MAC might do similar???
  12. $80 for eyebrows? That's a lot! Is she that good??? If she can make that big a difference then it might be worth considering. Anyone know a place that does threading? In Melbourne also.
  13. I agree getting them wax by a professional is a must.

    Brow shaping in America is expensive too.
  14. Castor oil, castor oil, castor oil!!! Massage some in every night! Start NOW!!

    As for a brow bar, I have no idea. Some woman at a MAC counter is always mentioned on Vogue....
  15. The Vogue forums "monitor" new members posts for their content and contribution to the discussion:confused1: so your first 5-10 posts don't show up and then, if they deem you worthy, all of a sudden they will and you will hopefully have a post count of 10 or so! It sucks I know.