Australian customer claim VAT for Alexa bought from Mulberry website?

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  1. Hi,
    I recently purchased an oversized alexa royal oak from the mulberry website and was quite satisfied with the pricing (1356 AUD after conversion + shipping and also got the very last one on the site as they were sold out after purchasing mine) as they dont stock mulberrys here in australia. I am currently still waiting for it to arrive (hopefully by tomorrow). But today i got a call from UPS telling me that I had to pay duty taxes of 250 AUD as australia customs charge taxes for goods imported that are more than 1000 AUD. Initially I was shocked when they called to tell me as i had no prior knowledge of such thing but decided to just go ahead with it as ive already paid so much for the bag (if nt customs were gonna withold the bag until taxes were paid).

    So ive got two questions..
    1. If i bought the bag from luisaviaroma or netaporter or whichever online website that stocks them, would i still have been taxed for the bag?

    2. I read somewhere online that international customers can claim the VAT (UKs equivalent to Australias GST) charged upon goods purchased online. Isit possible for me to claim the VAT from mulberry? Does anyone know about this? Would be great if i could as to compensate for the extra 250 AUD of tax i had to pay..
  2. any help is greatly appreciated!
  3. I think every country will charge VAT when a bag bought abroad arrives on the border (apart from when you buy within the EU). That's a pretty normal policy..

    Some websites online subtract the UK VAT though, so you won't have to pay VAT to UK and your own country ( for example), Mulberry does not do this.

    Other websites offer to refund you the VAT you pay to your own country, but that's nothing else than goodwill. I believe Mulberry does not offer this service.

    I don't know how NAP or luisaviaroma stand on this.

    Other than that, I suggest you contact customer service.

    Congrats on a lovely bag =)

    edit, in Norway they charge customs on all goods over £20 and VAT on most goods.
  4. I thought that there was some way of applying directly to Revenue and Customs to ask for VAT refund as you are overseas. Someone told me that it is possible and takes a long time, but eventually they refund. ??
  5. No idea about the VAT etc (tho I do know to bring things here from USA is pretty shocking!!) .. but I am sure Mulberry are opening a store in Sydney .. I think next month. Worth checking it out?!
  6. This applies to every country when purchasing goods from international sites. I believe! Some stricter than others,
    As mentioned earlier in this thread e.g. In Norway you need to pay 25% of every amount higher than around $40 AUD. So those $250 is nothing compared. I am Norwegian and live in Aus and I shop online as crazy here - haha, so low taxes compared to home :smile:
  7. Hi szeyii,

    I believe it's correct: I looked it up on the website of Australian customs some time ago and also gave them a call. AU$1000 + will attract extra costs.
    I also wrote to Mulberry some time ago (try searching the forums, it has been covered). All buyers, UK residents or not, pay taxes.
  8. Ok, here's the deal. While you may have saved on the UK's VAT, you will still need to pay for your local tax imposed on luxury/imported goods when it arrives. Unless of course they can underdeclare the value which is of course illegal though I have managed to do that before with Balenciaga.

    Sites like NAP or LVR (when you choose the correct country on the top tab) will charge DDP/DELIVERED DUTY PAID (for certain countries, so pls check if Oz is one of them) and the local tax will be reflected within the total that you need to pay so you will get a clearer picture on what you are getting yourself into before you commit. This is good in the sense that they will deal with local tax and you won't have to be bothered with all these small details when all you want to get your paws on that bag.
  9. Hey guys!
    I just got my alexa todayyy and looking at it makes me think the 250 aud extra i paidd is so worth it.. SUCHA BEAUTY!!!

    On a side note, i have emailed mulberry's customer service regarding the VAT claim and is still awaiting their reply.. Will let you guys know how it goes once they reply..

    Thanks guys!
  10. photo of the alexa :smile:)))

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  11. Oh so glad you are loving your bag - congrats! Let us know what Mulberry says.
  12. Hopefully you get everything resolved, szeyii. In the meantime, enjoy your gorgeous bag!

    Congrats on a lovely purchase. :]
  13. Glad you love the bag. Hope you manage to get something back on the VAT front.
    In the meantime enjoy your new beauty!
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    Mulberry shouldn't have charged you VAT on the bag as, being in Australia, you are outside the EU - I would have expected the price you were quoted to exclude VAT. If they have charged you VAT, that's wrong because they don't have to account to HMRC for VAT on goods they export outside the EU. Edit: In which case, I'd expect Mulberry to be the ones to refund you, rather than HMRC.

    Confirmation from HMRC's website:

    "VAT on exports of goods to non-EU countries

    VAT is a tax charged on goods used in the EU, so if goods are exported outside the EU, VAT isn't charged. You can zero-rate the sale, provided you get and keep evidence of the export, and comply with all other laws. You must also make sure the goods are exported, and you must get the evidence, within three months from the time of sale. This can be longer for goods that need processing before export and for thoroughbred racehorses."

    From HMRC website
  15. I expect this charge by UPS is not VAT but is a customs charge, which is a completely separate issue, and would be charged by AUS customs (or any non EU country) based on the value of the item being purchased and the prevailing rate of duty by the recipient's country. Also included in that charge will be a handling/admin fee by UPS. Customs charges cannot be claimed back, and need to be factored in to the purchase price whether goods are coming in to the UK from a non-EU country or going out.