Austin/Central Texas TPF meetup?

  1. I didn't see a thread about an Austin TPF meetup on here, and I know there are some Austinites on here. So what do you think? I actually live in Waco but would be willing to drive, and we could include any outside the Austin area as well. Thoughts, comments?
  2. Count this austinite in!
  3. I think Sampaio's would be a great place to have it, I can already hear the basil mojitos calling my name..........
  4. i'm in Dallas area but i'd be willing to make the drive... i actually have never really been to Austin before, i've heard it's great.
  5. Hey! I live near Lubbock. Depending on time, date, etc. I might could make it! :tup:
  6. Awesome! So glad we're getting some responses! Once we get some more responses, we can arrange a date and time.
  7. ohh how fun, please count me in! I'm SA, but willing to drive up for meet up....only if i can resist passing Prime Outlet w/o
  8. Seriously, there have to be more people than this.............
  9. ^ i know, but most are scattered in different subform, i used to only visist handbag and just recently venture out the eye candy phease :sweatdrop:
  10. I wonder how to round everyone up? I wish there was a search option for searching for people by location.
  11. no kidding! I will try to attach this link as my siggy, so at least this can get some exposure in the subforms i frequent :yes: on my way tring to figure out.....:shame:
  12. to be honest, I had a SA LV meet up, and only 3 (including me) showed up:btdh: <---sorry, I just had to use this new smiley :rolleyes:
  13. I am in Victoria so Austin is only 2 hrs drive. Wouldn't mind making a trip out there. That is where all my siblings went to school. Please Pm me if this is a go.:idea:

  14. Good job putting this in your sig, Clasic Chic! Otherwise, I wouldn't have known about it. I'm in Austin for school!

    I'm subscribing to this thread to keep tabs on it; I suggest everyone else do the same ;)
  15. I'm in Austin as well and I would love to do a meet up!