AUSSIES: where can I find Kiwi Protect All spray??

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  1. I can't find it :sad: I already checked Coles and Woolies. Or is there another spray that is just as good?

    Wanting to spray my new turenne .

  2. I picked up a can in Woolies the other day where they keep all of their shoe care products so maybe try a different Woolies or Coles?

    Otherwise, you could try the footwear department in David Jones. I've previously bought the Collonil waterproofing spray from there and that works well too.
  3. I'm using Collonil Waterstop and I love it, I got mine from David Jones. It dries quickly and doesn't darken the vachetta, I love it so much! As for Kiwi Protect Spray, I'm not sure where you can get it, try Mr. Minit shoe repairs or those shoe repair kiosks inside shopping centres.
  4. Yes I buy mine from Coles!
  5. I buy mine at Woolies at the shoe care/ cleaning products Isle. I've always used it. Hold the can about 20 cms away from the bag when you spray. It dries instantly :smile:
  6. Hmm, I'll have to go back and have a look!! Do you cover up the hardware and canvas somehow??

  7. I just put my finger in front of the hardware, if you get any on there just wipe off with a soft cloth.