Aussies take note! Norovirus takes its toll (on me)

  1. Well I woke up yesterday (after staying with family up the coast over the weekend) with a temperature and a headache. I went to work today feeling a little off and my stomach became sorer and sorer.

    I went home (thank god) at about midday, and have been sick every 2 hours ever since. I'm already stuggling to maintain my weight so this is quite dangerous for me.

    I just thought I'd take this chance to warn any aussies to make sure you thoroughly wash your hands before touching your mouth - apparently this is a very contagious version...
  2. Hi Bella, sorry to hear you're feeling so sick. I'm a Paramedic, and was in a city a few weeks ago when the norovirus first became a pandemic there.. whenever leaving or entering the norovirus ward at the Hospital we had to scrub in and scrub out.

    Then two weeks ago I had similar symptoms to what you've mentioned above - I'd woken up with them - and it progressed so rapidly through the day that by 10 o'clock I had begun fainting from fluid loss, and later in the afternoon I was admitted to hospital with borderline renal failure from losing so much fluid so quickly. They gave me 5L of fluid before I passed anything again, which is replacing more than my entire circulating blood volume - I only weigh 50kg, so have a rough volume of 4L!! Whilst obviously I'd not lost the whole amount, that's how much it took to get my kidneys to start producing anything again, as they were shutting down. Scary stuff, but luckily the fluid got me going again and I was okay to go home the next afternoon, though I still took a few days to fully recover.

    All I can say is that if you are sick now, don't be shy about heading over to the doc's or the hospital for help. The tests were inconclusive in the end as to whether mine was noro or something similar, but I guess the same applies with regards to the nasty 'flu viruses that are about right now - exercise common sense and caution when in large public places, or when in close contact with people who are either sick themselves or have been around someone who is.
  3. Wow, guys.

    Frankie, so glad you're better!

    Bella, I agree you should go to the Doc, especially with your weight issues.
  4. Thanks so much for sharing your story Frankie.

    I dont mean to alarm anyone, and I'm sorry if this a too graphic, but I just vomitted something reddish which freaked me out because I havent eaten anything of that colour in days.

    I think if I'm still sick tommorow at lunchtime, I will go to the doctor. It's so hard not to become dehydrated when you can't stop bringing everything up.
  5. Bella, vomited blood from the stomach often comes up looking like coffee grounds. Dark, and 'piecey'. If it's red and still looks like blood, then it might be some rawness in your oesophagus that's bleeding from coughing and vomiting and straining. Definitely see your Doc tomorrow if you're still like this. Try sucking on icecubes, so you're slowly absorbing the moisture rather than taking sips which are relatively much larger. If your stomach can't tolerate a sip, an icecube might do the trick. You can use icecubes made of water or lemonade, or a non-sugary sports drink diluted by half.

    Hope you feel better soon!
  6. Thanks so much again Frankie - I'm so glad you read my thread!

    The reddish stuff I was vommiting was more of a rusty brown/red colour - so hopefully not blood.

    I'm feeling a bit better this morning - though still weak.

    I've been able to keep down water and lemonade and I've lost just over a kilo (in less than a day). I think I will try to have a tiny bit of dry crackers and see how I go.

    Thanks again!
  7. Are you ok bella??? Hope you're feeling better! What exactly is norovirus??! I'm too lazy to ask my friend google.