Aussies: Shipping time from US...

  1. It's been 4 weeks since I bought a Balenciaga bag from a US buyer.

    How long is too long to wait for it's arrival?

    I usually receive items in 2 weeks but 4 weeks just seems way too long.

    Last week she assured me that she sent it, so do i just wait it out a little longer before contacting her again?

    Any thoughts appreciated
  2. Any idea what method she used and when she shipped it? I usually get my stuff within 2 weeks. Don't wait beyond 45 days! File a paypal complaint before then. Did she give you a tracking number? Ask for one! For something as expensive and a bbag, you must have shipped by a method that is trackable.
  3. Lol leanbeanee, I just replied after you in the Sass and Bide jeans thread

    Thanks for the info, I'll definately ask for a tracking number, I guess I didn't want her to think that I disbelived her (dumb I know).
  4. After four weeks, you need to question her! Don't be too trusting. Four weeks is along time to wait, even for international post. I don't think you're being rude or distrustful if you ask her for a tracking number. For a bag that expensive, I would have asked for a tracking number right after paying! :smile: If she can't provide a tracking number, then file a complaint immediately! If the bag doesn't arrive on the 40th day, file a complaint! It's your money!!!

    Now I'll go reply to your post about s&B. :smile:
  5. for me it was about 3-5days by express n 6-10days by air mail. 4weeks is sus.
  6. Many thanks ladies
  7. Update

    Well the bag arrived today, and it's not the bag in the eBay photos. It's a cheap looking disgusting fake. I feel sick.

  8. Quick file a complaint. She may have posted it late to use up valuable claim time!
  9. Yes she lied about the shipping date.. I won the bag Sept 17th and she told me had shipped it out on Sept 20. The package is actually postmarked Oct 4th, thats 2 wks later.


    I've opened a dispute with paypal

  10. Oh no!! Can you post the listing to warn others?
  11. OMG that is dispicable. What is her feedback like?

    You paid with credit card didnt you?
  12. Sure bellacherie

    It's a month old listing now... where should I post it?
  13. I'm pretty sure you can post it here if the Bal girls have already authenticated/faked it.
  14. I paid with paypal. Her feedback is good, and I thought our communication had been good.

    I don't understand people who do this... it's really so disappointing
  15. It is really awful.

    You can never really tell when someone is going to do that to you.

    But it is the worst that can happen and happens to almost all of us eventually (twice for those unlucky ones like me...).