AUssie Tax for US purchases?

  1. I am in Sydney and spotted something I would looooooove to lay my hands on and it's an LV, of course!
    But really need to know, if any AUssie PFer has bought anything on eBay and what's the tax like if ithe item is from the US?
    Number crunching time...any info would help! TIA :heart:
  2. I guess it would depend on how much the seller states on the declaration?
  3. I suppose the seller would always declare the rightful amount, won't they? Saying that, this is just my assumption, I have never bought any LV on eBay before. But is there any chance to tie up with the seller to declare the price lower? :graucho:
  4. Most reputable sellers on eBay will normally state in the auction that they will not declare fake costs so it is the buyers responsibility. So I assume if it doesnt say anything then you could work something out with the seller?
  5. I bought few things from US ebay and never paid for any taxes...
  6. Hey cutebear84, may I ask what's the most expensive item you've purchased and not taxed?
    These 2 items I am after cost about A$3000 in total (that's Item #1 A$1200 and Item #2 A$1800). Will definitely end up more than that amount as it is still in the bidding process.
  7. I think if the item does not exceed AU$1000 declared, it should be tax-free. That said, if the items are fairly pricey, you probably should get insurance on it and pay taxes rather than losing those items in transit.
  8. my aunt in us sent me a pair of daimond earrings for christmas... she declared for 2800usd..and later i found out i have to pay 540aud which includes custom duty and was NOT happy...
  9. WOOOOW! :wtf: :wtf: That's like 15% tax?! Geeeeeezzz....
  10. If it is over $1k you will have to pay duty on it and it is a high amount too ... the max I have paid in duties is $500....hence why I prefer to purchase it in the store. Good Luck;)
  11. hard! The bags I wanted to bid are not in the stores anymore, which makes the temptation even more irresistible! :push:
    Just when I've mustered up my guts to go for it, I think I'd better think about how badly I want them now. I do have loads of bags though, but..

  12. i remember i bought for around US$500 mayb thats why i didn't pay any tax i guess...:confused1::confused1: