Aussie Murakami lovers tune in!!!

  1. a show featuring Takashi Murakami and his art - 10pm tonight, 8 August on the ABC ;)
  2. ooohh i love his artwork! i wish i'm in aussie :crybaby:
  3. Ackkkk, I just came back from the movies, wish I had gotten back before 10pm :hysteric:

    How was the doc?
  4. it was a very good - but rather brief - show. the presenter wanted to understand Murakami's theory of the "super flat", Japanese contemporary culture and consumerism. he interviewed him, curators, collectors and Manga/Anime enthusiasts. i was hoping MJ would make a brief appearnace - but some of the bags did. but they did show the fakes more - maybe due to copyright or to show just how popular TM has become. i wish i taped it though :Push:
  5. Oh..I missed this thread...If I knew about it, I could ask my dad to in OZ to tape it for me.
  6. wow.. please tell us about it.. we'll be waiting!!!
  7. i have abc on it and its not on!! :sad:
  8. on ABC at 10PM?!??! I don't see it.......
  9. sorry this is Australian ABC as stated in the title. and it was yesterday Aussie time.
  10. dam i missed it trust me to miss a thread like this im so upset now