Aussie Members - Please help - customs duties!

  1. Does anyone know the rules and how much you need to pay if you buy a second hand chloe bag on ebay? Im about to buy one that will cost me about 1100 Australian + post. Any help would be appreciated! :yes:
  2. is it from overseas?? how much is it without post?? (you have to pay tax if the item is over $1000 not inc postage)
  3. Its coming from the UK. And it is 1100 aud not including post. From my calculations I would need to pay about $160 for gst and customs duty. I guess I will have to factor that into the price?
  4. You need to take into account postage when working out the GST bit. Assuming the postage cost was $50, your customs duty and GST will be as follows:

    Bag $1100*5%=$55 (customs duty)

    Then to work out GST:

    $1100 + $55 (customs duty) + $50 (postage cost) = $1205*10%
    = $120.5

    Your total customs duty + GST would be $175.50

    You will recieve a bill for this.

    Your courier may also levy clearance charges against you to clear the imports.
  5. Thanks for that tiffany. I take it the value of the bag is the amount declared by the sender on the package? If I worked her down on her price by a US$50, and it was then just less than $999AUD, would I pay any of this?
  6. You shouldn't have to pay any tax if the price of the item, not including postage, is less than AUD$1000. Remember that currency exchange changes daily (possibly even hourly). USD$750 could be AUD$990 one day and AUD$1000+ the next.