Aussie Melbourne girls. Look what's opening soon!

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  1. Sorry if there is another thread. But my friend just texted this photo of the new factory outlet to be opened at Essendon DFO. OH HAPPY. OH KOY!!!

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  2. I mean oh joy!
  3. since its at the DFO, hopefully it will get outlet prices. whaddaya think?
  4. Yeah that's what I am thinking. Fingers crossed.
  5. The DFO in Homebush - outlet prices ummmm awful. At least from my perspective, they are easly double if not triple US outlet prices. However, they do have a fabulous selection of FP deletes.

    But my wallet is firmly entrenched in USA, I'm afraid.
  6. From what I saw at Sydney FP yesterday - their sale merchandise is equivalent, possibly even better, pricing than the outlet offers - and the selection is more current. If you can't get US pricing somehow, that would be a better option in my eyes.
  7. Thought that might be the case. Aargh why do they do this to us. When it opens will give you guys an update.
  8. Took a visit yesterday....I was very underwhelmed. Prices are still ridiculous and I didn't find any deletes...well anything I picked up was MFF.

    Save your coins for your next US trip!
  9. They probably don't have any deletes cause they just opened. Homebush has tons - but the prices are crazy. No can do. :sad:
  10. #10 Oct 11, 2012
    Last edited: Oct 11, 2012
    The prices are probably so high because they have to pay the wages of the 6 or so girls that were wandering around looking so bored!
  11. Lol