Aussie LV - Lockit and price rise

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  1. Confirmed there is gonna be a price rise from Tomorrow - Monday 9th July

    My SA called me just then to offer me a silver mirroir lockit (even though i told her to take my name off the list earlier)

    Sydney received 8 and 5 are sold already.. If any of u aussie boardies want one, ring the sydney store today to avoid the price hike tomorrow.

    Sorry if this subject has been posted earlier.. i know some of you want the lockit but can't get it...
  2. Thanks my friend just called the store and they informed her they were only offering it to their clients ..thanks for letting us know ... any idea how much the price increase will be here?? At this rate Le Fab will be $10k here soon:p
  3. :crybaby:
  4. Sigh...I'll only get my Miroir Lockit AFTER the price hike...
  5. :tdown: Ya I believe all the price will be increasing in 2-3days time :crybaby:
  6. this is too many increase in one year
  7. Oh no! i missed this thread.. arrrghh!!!!!!!!!!!
    i was planning to go to LV tomorrow...:sad: does anyone one know how much the increase is goign to be?..
  8. When considering how much the AUD has gone up against all other currencies in the last year, one would think that the price adjustment would go down rather than up :sad:
  9. It did go down. The Miroir Lockit went down by $60!