Aussie girls, have I gone insane? Or is it a sign?

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  1. Am trying to spend my hard earned dollars on the LV website, but I can't seem to add anything to my cart. Has anyone else had this problem or have I just somehow forgot how to shop on the interweb?:roflmfao:




  2. Hi sorry to inform you but you can't make a purchase through the LV website in Australia, we are not quite up with the times here down under we have to call the 1300 number to make a purchase.
  3. See that's the thing, I have placed items in my cart before! AND they even make mention of it in their FAQs. The option seems to have disappeared.....aaaargh. I think I might just visit the store instead.:whiteflag:

  4. yeah can't buy online :sad:
  5. Nope, you can't buy online - its much more fun to buy instore anyway :smile:
  6. I think it's pathetic we can't buy online in most brands!! Gucci opened up online to Australia only coupe months ago... Surely the rest will follow now?
  7. ^^ I agree, l like directly purchasing in store - so much ore fun
  8. I think you could put things in a "cart" as a wish list, but definitely no purchasing online.

    I don't know why we can't here, but I think I'd be in a lot of trouble if we could!
  9. I didn't think it was possible to buy online in Australia yet :[
  10. Sorry, I've never tried to buy on line as many said it's much more fun to go to the shop. Btw, which lv stores do you girls go? I live in Melbourne, so I only have two options, I guess??
  11. Don't sell yourself short, you're forgetting about a third store in Melbourne :P
    I'm up in Brisbane and I have only one choice - queens plaza!
    I've been to the stores in melbourne. GORGEOUS. I bought my bag in Chadstone!
  12. I'm in Sydney. I go to the new George St store, it's gorgeous.
  13. Hi, Im in Sydney but I have used mail order service & can highly recommend it if you cant get to the store. Wish they would make online shopping available to us!:smile:
  14. So I spoke to the 1300 number and the online shopping will be coming in 2013. But can I tell you I am 100% sure that I have placed items in my cart a couple of months ago.

    I agree going to the store is more fun, but if there is only one item in the state I prefer the phone, as there is more chance of getting the item "fresh", ie not display.

  15. Michael from the Customer Info line is just so helpful...he has been able to source a variety of items and send them to the store here:smile: