Aussie girl buying from the US- do you pay GST when it enters the country?

  1. i am thinking to order from the US as stocks are so limited here in australia, for those who purchased from US before, did you have to pay GST when it arrived in australia? Thanks:drool:
  2. if it's declared over $1000 you will be charged more than 10% duty for it.

    if you are close to the SA maybe they might be willing to declare a lower value
  3. Thanks so much for your reply Wannabelyn.
    Unfortunately, I dont know the SA well enough to ask :sad:
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  6. I am about to be sent a bag from the US so can tell you later in the week. I believe we do have to pay 10% GST and duty (5% i think).

    My SA wouldnt mark down for me but you can only ask. I think if they put down a value under say $800USD you may get away with it.

    Alternatively, do you have anyone in the USA that you can have the bag sent to and then they can forward onto you?
  7. I don't think the SA in US will be willing to mark down the value because of insurance issue. What happens if the parcel gets lost? Who's going to be responsible if that happens? I don't know anyone in the USA unfortunately.. But i have been buying those hard to get bags from an eBay seller at about 8% above retail price who is willing to mark down the value for me so I didn't have to pay any tax. I think it would work out cheaper than buying direct from US SAs.
  8. Thats a good idea buying from a trusted eBay seller who is prepared to mark down item...have to keep that in mind for next time.

    Your right about the insurance issue...thats why my SA didnt do it.

    We are so starved of choice here in Australia its ridiculous:tdown:
  9. yes, you have to pay 10% gst plus duty. last year i bought a bag for US$3500 and ended up paying aud$7xx for tax. i dont think any sa willing to mark down the value for insurance issue.
  10. Not only that and also they get GC from department stores! I am SOO jealous, wish i live in the US!
  11. Did you buy directly from department or boutique store in US?
  12. I bought it from Neiman Marcus (department store) and I just bought a reissue with pearl chain last week. This time I asked my SA ship it to Hong Kong to aviod taxes (it's tax free there). PM me If you need contact details of my SA, she's always helpful.