Aussie first time shopping in Vegas

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  1. Hi everyone! First time posting on TPF so help/advice appreciated! :smile:

    At the end of July I'll be heading off from Australia to Las Vegas (first time internationally travelling) and am looking forward to potentially getting some LV and other luxury items while I'm there. I believe I'll be staying/shopping on the main strip, and wasn't expecting to go to any of the malls, unless it's worth it.

    I know this is probably a very broad ask but any tips, advice or warnings when shopping in Vegas?
    I'm especially worried about whether the exchange rate is worth it (even with duty free/tax free if that's possible) and getting bad/rude service. And is it worth shopping at the airports?

    Sorry if it's all very newbie but I'm really nervous about having a good shopping experience while I'm there!

    TL;DR First time travelling internationally to Las Vegas and I don't know how to shop!
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  2. Jealous. Hope you're having a blast.
    My favorite shopping plaza is the Forum Shops at Caesars.
    Check out Henri Bendel. It's an awesome store xx
  3. The shops in the Forum Shops are gorg. If you get bad service you can find another store on the strip. I've never seen so many of the same stores so close to each other.

    I'm hoping you aren't staying there very long. Vegas is 2-3 days tops. I was there for a week and by day 3 I was ready to leave.
  4. There's lots of great shopping in Vegas. The Forum Shops are very nice and there's an outlet mall north of the city that has good stores, too. I haven't shopped at the outlet, just driven by it, but the reviews on TripAdvisor were good. Las Vegas North Premium Outlets. It's an outside mall so you probably want to go there early in the day. Vegas has great shows and if you get tired of the city you can always take a day trip to Hoover Dam or the Grand Canyon or both! Happy travels and welcome to America!
  5. I think that depends on the person. We stayed there a week for our honeymoon in April of 2015 and then another week in February of 2016 for my birthday. We also rent a car. I don't think a week is too long. Gives you more time to do things so you don't feel rushed..:especially when you are planning some shopping trips. Time to decide!