aussie deeeeep 3 minute miracle.. anyone use?

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  1. I just recently bought the Aussie Deeeep 3 minute miracle conditioner and I was wondering if any of you lovely tPF used it too? How often can/did you use it in a week? Is it like a once a week treatment or everyday or however much you want?

    I'm in the phase where i'm trying to find the best hair treatment for my dry/damaged hair and I thought I would give Aussie a try after hearing some great reviews on MUA..
    Any other recommendations are welcome~ ^^

    Thank you!
  2. I used this once in college, i cant remember exactly what happend but i know i didnt like it...i kept calling it the three minute massacre.
  3. I use it but don't follow a schedule at all. Pretty much whenever I'm not lazy and see it amongst the several bottles in my shower I lather the lower half of my hair which is on the dry side, clip it up and rinse out after 3 minutes. It smells really good and I like the no fuss packaging. there's no lid or anything. just pick it up and squeeze. The product makes my hair really soft
  4. It's my favorite hair product ever! I use it every single time I wash my hair (which admittedly isn't very often LOL) :biggrin:
  5. I've tried it. Hated it. The smell was awful (I think all the Aussie stuff is) and it weighed down my hair a lot making it flat.
  6. Aww I thought most people liked the smell. It's a nice coconut scent. Yum
  7. ^ I love it!!! I don't really care for the smell of the Original 3 Minute Miracle, though (nor was I impressed with the results). They used to make a 3 Minute Mud Masque conditioner that didn't smell good, but I thought that one was the best. I wish they'd bring it back!
  8. Ive only used the original one but i might have to try it!
  9. It gave my hair lots of moisture! But I hate the coconut smell... I wish they made a non-scented version or something.
  10. I use it all the time and I love it! Maybe every few days? I don't really keep a strict schedule like frosty. I have like 6 different conditioners in my shower right now, and I just reach for whatever I feel like at the moment. :nuts:
  11. I just discovered this, and used it for the first time this AM. I FREAKING LOVE IT.

    It's even better (in terms of immediate results) than the Moroccan Oil I spent $40 on!!!
  12. I can't remember if this is the one I used or the original but it worked wonders for my hair! I used it every day as a conditioner- it really made my hair nice and soft and smells great too. However, it's been a while since I touched it. The smell made me really nauseus during the first trimester of my pregnancy so I haven't used it since.
  13. My daughter and I started using it after I read good reviews about it on here. She has really long hair and it makes her hair so soft. I also love the smell and the no fuss bottle it comes in.
  14. Is anyone else having a hard time finding it? :sad:

    They redesigned their bottles and now the Original 3 Minute Miracle comes in a purple bottle, too. The old bottle was the same size & shape as the Deeeeep bottle, except it was white. Anyway, it seems like since they redesigned the bottles, it's harder to find the Deeeep formula. I can only find it at *one* Walgreens & it's more expensive now! :confused1:
  15. I got some of this at Walgreens on a sale a few weeks ago but haven't tried it yet. I like coconut scent so I'm guessing the smell won't bother me. It's the purple bottle and the one I have is deeeep conditioner. I didn't know it came in other formulas? Best way to get it is on sale at Walgreens for me. Does ULTA not carry it? I know Dollar General and Target carries Aussie too but I never looked for this product in particular.