Aussie Buying from Saks

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  1. Hi everyone,
    I was wondering anyone from Australia ever purchased from US Saks before can share their experiences?
    Such as..
    1. How do you pay?
    2. What delivery company Saks used to ship the item to you?
    3. Did ur item attract any taxes? If so, would u mind sharing how many %?
    4. If you are ordering an item from the reserve list, do you have to deposit some money first in order to hold the place?
    TIA :smile:
  2. I think I read an earlier post a year or so ago. The aussie lady was charged nearly 1k tax on her 4k something bag.
  3. I bought a pair of shoes from SAKS and they shipped using FedEx. FedEx then found out (it was a Chanel shoes, I don't know how) they charged me tax, $100++ so they shoes got more costly than the ones in my local boutique. But the item I wanted wasn't available in my local boutique -- so yeah. I made peace with "paying a bit more". Hee. I'm guessing if I were to get a bag from SAKS my taxes would probably be a "scary" cost. So I'd rather buy my bags here, locally.
  4. Hi, any item with a declared value of over Aud 1,000 will be charged gst and customs fees on arrival, which is usually around 15% of the total cost of the item.
  5. I have had things delivered that were valued over AUD1000, and I was not taxed, even though it was declared. It doesn't always happen that you can get away with it, but sometimes it does!
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    To answer your questions:
    1. I paid using my CC
    2. Fedex (they only use fedex)
    3. Oh yes!!! And hefty and disproportional too in the scale of my purchase! My purchase is this loafer that is only available in US and Europe in the colour combo that I wanted. It is USD 975 that converted to AUD 1367. When Fedex rang me to clear the custom I was surprised it costed me $291.77!
    Which means the loafer attracts almost 20% custom and duties taking away Fedex broker fee!!!!

    Almost 10% more than the applicable 10% GST rate!
    Made things worse, I have to return the loafer as they are too big!
    When I rang Fedex and custom, I was told by Fedex that they are unable to refund me the brokerage fee and custom practically implied, 'bad luck! No you can't get a refund on custom and duties eventhough you are not keeping the item.'
    I'm so bummed!

    4. I don't have info to share as I have never done one.

    Hope this helps.
    Bottom line, I think you really have to love the item and prepare to pay significant duties if you're gonna order from US.
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    I was told it has something to do with which couriers. Using Fedex or DHL would always incur custom and duties.
    Postal service like Australia Post or USPS most likely won't.
    Not sure if this is true though as all my high price point purchases always shipped using either Fedex or DHL.
  8. Hi Agnes,

    I've purchased from Thomas, Saks SA previously and i can share my experience.

    1. He charges your card (amex/mastercard/visa) and the billing address has to match your card
    2. Saks ship through Fedex and mine took just over 1 week which i thought was a little slow
    3. My item was just under the AUD 1,000 threshold so i didn't incur any taxes, however if you're wanting to purchase something over AUD $1,000 then it will be 5% duty of the value of bag + 10% gst of total cost including freight, and you'll also need to factor in customs processing fees which could be around 50-100 extra
    4. For any reserved item, your SA will need your cc details and when they're able to fulfil your order, they will then charge your card.
    If they can't fulfil your pre order then nothing will be charged.

    Hope that helps.

    Also, aki_sato,

    I'd just like to add my comment regarding your request for refund.
    Technically they should be able to give you a refund. There's a form you need to fill in, and Customs will process it and refund you the money you paid excluding processing fee. I don't know why Fedex/Customs told you that you couldn't because that isn't true. Another tpf user i talk to had something returned to Saks SA and she was able to get a refund. It took a few weeks but at least she got some money back.
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  9. I agree. I'm buying another one from SAKS again and yes, it cause it isn't available in my local boutique.

    I have to add words of advice that if you do wanna get a shoes especially, I think it's best to try them on in your local boutique even if it isn't of the right Color/design to confirm your size -- also able to avoid the disappointment your going through. I know how it feels like, especially when you're all excited waiting for your package to arrive (additional costs aside)
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    I'm buying from Thomas SAKS too but I'm paying via gift card purchases for now. He told me that I have to clock "a number" of purchases so that I can use CC to process my payment in the future. Anyway they will charge USD 50 additional for shipping on their end too and when your FedEx item arrived, you have to pay additional so in my opinion, best to get in your local boutique or when your flying elsewhere (Paris or HK or London, etc). All the additional cost sums up to either equal price or more. Unless, of course, you really want the item in that design and color. You wouldn't mind paying the "extras".

    I'm wondering why don't they post by DHL?
  11. I would definitely prefer DHL too as they're a lot quicker compared to Fedex.
    To pay USD50 for shipping i would expect it to be sent as priority mail or express, but mine took over a week to be delivered. It felt like forever!
  12. Thank you for reply lovelies :smile: I think I will decline my option of buying from saks, the tax is crazy!
  13. Thank you for sharing your friend's experience. The form she filled in, do you know if this it?
    This is the only refund form I could find but it's designated to businesses, agents and trade professionals. I'm really unsure if I can use it as I would be classified as individual.

    Fedex said the brokerage fee that I paid can't be refunded because it is a "service" that they have conducted on my behalf to clear my parcel from custom.

    So I would really appreciate and be so thankful if you could check with your friend which form she filled in and how she's able to get a refund from fedex as I would really wish to get custom I paid refunded partially if not all!
    Thanks so much!
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    Thanks for your words of advice!
    Would you believe it that I indeed tried the exact loafer though in the colour Gold in Ngee Ann City Singapore?!?!? I tried the display pair 36 1/2 while I was waiting for the SA to wrap my chevron mini square!
    The size feels good so I was so sure that is my size!!!!
    Hence I went ahead and bought it from Saks in the colour that I wanted! I just want to bang my head when I tried it on and they're so big! Especially after copping almost another $300 on top!!! Ugh!!!! I'm soooo bummed!!!
  15. Try putting an insole in it, e.g. Dr. Scholl's Double air pillow insole or the regular air pillow version, depending on how much excess room there is. It can help to make your shoes fit better and also more comfy.