Aussie Aussie Aussie

  1. Hey everyone

    I am wondering how many Australians use this forum?? I rarely ever meet any people from Oz in here and think it would be great to find out where people are from etc.

    My idea is we could also talk about local shopping especially as all of our sale dates etc seem to be miles behind everyone else!! Also, it would be good to know where some great shopping is in other states?

    I think it is a fab idea to net-work so please drop a line here and introduce yourself. Especially with Summer coming up - I feel all alone when I see all the snow flakes on Purse Blog!!
  2. Oi Oi Oi!!

    Hi coco, I think it's a great idea to have an Aussie corner on tpf... we can talk about bikinis, instead of coats!!

    My name is Bernadette (call me Bern) and I'm from Perth

  3. There are a couple of us in the Hermes forum too... I live in Sydney.
  4. hey!! great to know I am not alone!!
    bern I am from perth too - I mostly spend time in the gucci forum (you would know exactly why!!.... there is not alot of hemhem "shopping" in this corner of Aus!!).
    Shari is there even hermes available in Australia!?! I am in love with birkins but probably a few years off owning one yet!! So jealous you are in Sydney... I just LOVE the shopping and lifestyle in general there. Last time I went I stayed at the marriott darling harbour and shopped around The Rocks, Centrepoint, QVB... is that where most people go?
    By the way bern - gucci starts their sale over here on thursday - it is invites only but the general public sale starts next thurs - just incase yr interested.... or if you have an invite?! What the heck do you buy over here? Let me guess.. LV!!...
  5. Shari your fruit people are cute.... and clever.
  6. Wooooo.............

    I'm in Perth too!
  7. Hey! I used to be from Perth but have relocated to NSW..but i go to Sydney pretty often!!!! Looking to move there soon!!!!!!!
  8. Hey Cal....Boy it is a small world!!
    What forums do you guys use?
  9. ninja you are not missing much here.....!! Sydney rocks.... but I guess Perth is more relaxing if that is what you prefer.
    You are moving back to Perth or going over to Sydney?
  10. Hehe I became an Australian citizen a year ago... I live in Brisbane.
  11. ^^ where are you orginially from? Bris-vegas hey?! Do you go up to the sunshine coast? I notice we all seem to be fairly new tpf members....
  12. Hi Coco!

    I haven't been on the forum much lately as we've just moved here and I'm still trying to get my head around a few things (and my mouth around a few Caramello Koalas). I'm mainly in the Hermes & Balenciaga forum (don't post much) but lurk through the rest of the place.

    Lol, I'm trying to figure out where the best shopping is here.....any suggestions? I've found the Country Road store - woooooo.
  13. HAHAHA... it may take you a while to find it!!

    aaahhhhhhh..... shopping is terrible here. Depends what you are after. King Street in the city has one LV store, one Gucci and a few boutiques. Our city is as good as dead when it comes to high fashion. David Jones on Hay Street has Marc Jacobs, Burberry and some chloe. DEF NO HERMES.... bummer. Subiaco and Booragoon Shopping Centre have a few decent cothing places too... depends what you are looking for? PM me and I point you in the right direction. Where have you come from?.... hehe caramelo koalas are good... and tim tams sooooooooo ggoooooooooddddd.
    PS i frickin love Austin too!
  14. OOps..yeah planning on moving to Sydney after i get a job near the city..Sydney shopping's so good. Love the markets but i miss Perth's pace of life. And i can't just walk into a store and touch or play with Balenciaga bags!!!!

    Love Pierucci at Murray street!! And those little shops along King street..OH! and King Street Cafe!:love:
  15. Funny to mention the sunshine coast, I just got back from Caloundra :smile:.

    I was born in Taiwan, lived in LA, then in Japan, and then when I got to high school i'm like 'I really need to go to a place to study properly' and I chose Australia, because my English is much better than all my other languages but I didn't like LA much. I went to high school in Brissy and now i'm at UQ.