Aussie alert: Chloe opening boutique through David Jones Brisbane!

  1. Most exciting thing that I've read all day -

    As of this weekend, the newly refurbished DJ's in Queens Plaza Brisbane, will have several boutique departments, one of which will be Chloe.

    I'm headed there on Monday! :nuts:
  2. Yay for our Aussie friends!:wlae:
  3. Woohoooo!!! How exiting for you BC!!! :nuts:

    I don't think I'll be in Brissy again for some time though!
  4. oohh, that could be very dangerous for you!
  5. That's the most exciting thing I've heard all day! I hope they have heaps of new stock - it'd be worth a trip up to Brisbane just to have a look!
  6. Hehehe I think I will have to buy something as a souvenir.... I will report back on monday!
  7. That's not fair !!! Sydney DJ's only has a shelf to house chloe - and last time I was there they only had a total of 4 bags on display :rant:

    Just kidding. It really would be wonderful if Australia could provide enough luxury shopping for us down here - without it feeling touristy.

    I get so jealous hearing about the US sales and how helpful department store and boutique salestaff are over there... wish we had a similar set up here.

    Have fun at the new DJ chloe ladies :party:
  8. ^^^ I know daisy - I am sooo jealous of the insance prices the US ladies pay at sales. I dont think Chloe will ever have such good sales here.
  9. i sooo wish they'd set one up in sydney too!
  10. I made the trip this morning - It was so much fun!

    There were 08, 07, 06 paddingtons (regular and patent, some with clear locks), an 06 front pocket satchel, several bays, several huge unknown black canvas chloe's (new apparently), several clutches, keyrings, wallets - I think that covered most of it.

    I didn't see any heloise's.

    Definitely worth the trip just for a window shop!
  11. Thanks for the report BC! :smile:
  12. Oh, and I did ask how much the regular satchel was, and I think she said $2700 but I went into shock and I'm not all that certain....
  13. Woah, Nelly!! At least you've got an excuse just to window-shop now. You're not going to make an accidental purchase at that price! :nuts:
  14. OUCH !!! :push:
  15. Why are our prices so much higher here?:confused1: