Aus Prices

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  1. Does anyone know if the prices I see on eluxury or LV website is what I will pay when I go to melbourne next week in the LV store?
    Another question if I was to get speedy azur does anyone know if it will get dirty easily because of the light colour?
  2. I think you will find the prices of LV here are MUCH higher than just about anywhere, and we have just had yet another increase.:tdown:
  3. oh no. Can we buy real LV on the net to send here would that be cheaper and reliable?
  4. I have found that our prices are around $200 dearer than on the websites, I use that as a guide if that helps. I don't think eluxury will post to Australia. Half the fun is actually making the purchase from the boutique, at least buy your first one that way if you get the opportunity.
  5. I agree the whole excitement going into the store and trying on all the bags is so fantastic rather then buying on the internet.
  6. Go to the store!! It's so much fun!!!


    What are you thinking of buying??
  7. I usually x 1.4 to us ( pre tax price) price to get an estimate of aussie price. hope this helps :smile:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.