Aurora Farms Outlet: $160.30 Pleated Ergo satchels !!!!

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  1. They had leather and just 1 siggy for $239 - 30%.
    I got a burnt orange.
    Came to $160.
    -burnt orange
    -berry/grape (sorry, don't know "real" color name)
    -black patent

    They had a table full o' Peytons, $415
    -black patent
    -red patent

    They had 1 espresso Lindsay, can't remember price

    Sig stripe items were 50% off factory

    Factory Legacy was 50% off
    -Raspberry "Gigi"
    -raspberry shoulder bag
    -cute new fabric sig with the salmon leather trim (other leather color trim too)

    Ergo Convertible, can't remember price, but 50% off redline clearance

    Cashmere scarves for $49.99 (99 -50%)
    -Leg stripe
    -blue tattersall
    -ivory tattersall (I got this one)
    -pink tattersall

    Leather gloves - lots for $49.99

    Wool scarves (I think wool) for $40
    -lime/white green siggy
    -red/white siggy
    -camel/white siggy

    Valentine's Day
    -ponytail scarf - $29
    -full size - $39

    Let me know if you want to know if they had something else specific....I'm blanking out right now on the rest.
  2. Wow congrats on your burnt orange - thats the one I have and you will love it! Great deal on that - they were still $239 two weeks ago when I was at my outlet. Sounds like they had a lot of good stuff - especially those scarves. Im getting a blue one with a little help from a friend!
  3. I really debated on the color - I liked several colors.
    The espresso just seemed boring.
    Normally, I'm not an orange-bag-gal, but...
    Most of my bags are neutral, so I needed a pop, I thought.

    They had the light pink too, I forgot.