Aurelia Update

  1. I took my Aurelia to the LV store and spoke to the gals there. The bag is just like that after wear and tear and when you put stuff in it. I looked at the display and it looks the same, but I love my colors better.(more pinks and purples) :love: So I took it home and opened the box and fell in love w/ it all over again :love::love: Here is the bag on me so that the other ladies on here can get an idea. This is the smaller one Aurelia MM. Thanks for lookin'
    1.jpg 2.jpg 4.jpg 3.jpg 5.jpg 8.jpg
  2. It's so pretty !Thanks for sharing....really great on you.
  3. wow it looks amazing! at first i wasn't sold on it from just seeing the pictures, but it really looks great on you!
  4. Looks fantastic!
  5. It's Beautiful....It Looks Fantastic On!!!
  6. looks great! def a keeper
  7. Gorgeous! Looks great on you!
  8. This bag is more beautiful IRL. I saw it on Saturday with the Norcal gals. Very pretty!
  9. it loks fab!!! what size is it?
  10. WOW!! Fantastic bag!
  11. Thanks so much for the pics! I LOVE it! I sure hope to get a GM soon!
  12. the bag looks great on you, Enjoy!!
  13. Nice bag!
  14. I saw this bag IRL and it's GORGEOUS!!! Enjoy it!!!:love:
  15. Wow, thanks for the pictures. That's the small size?? I really like it.