Aurelia MM

  1. Does anyone have this bag? If you do, what do you think of it? I'd love to see pictures...

    Any my next question this bag very rare, or what? I've seen the MM sell for over $1500 on eBay (not sold, but the sellers put it at that price) but on eLuxury it's $1380? :shrugs: I'm a little confused.

    Would you get this, or another MC shoulder bag? (I like the Trouville, but I think I have too many hand helds already)

    TIA everyone!
  2. This is the perfect tote bag!!! I would get it!!! :biggrin:
  3. Holy cow John, that was a quick response!! LOL
    This will be my first major LV store purchase...I'm thinking WAY ahead of myself...if I were to get this, the earliest I would be able to get it is probably in July after I start working Full time...but thinking ahead is always a good thing, isn't it? :biggrin:
  4. "Jayme" aka ILOVEPURSES has one. My sister also has one in black and I've used it a couple of times when I visit her in LA. It's a cute and practical bag, comfortable on the shoulder. I would go with the Trouville though, but that's just me.
  5. I have the GM in white, I love it...the black is on my list...great tote!
  6. Thank you ILOVEPURSES! I totally forgot to look there!
  7. between the two, i will go w/Trouville, any MC bigger than speedy seems too busy IMO. Do you plan to use Aurelia as work horse tote?
  8. White seems to be the more popular colour, understandable.
    With my pickiness I think I'll be getting a black one although I love the white, just because I won't see dirty marks on the canvas and freak out.

    Any black Aurelia pics?? I'd love to see this bag being modeled.
  9. No, more like just a shopping tote, I go to school and don't need a work tote.
    I prefer a shoulder bag just because a lot of my LVs are handhelds and I want a larger LV shoulder bag rather than another pochette sized one, and, I didn't know the Aurelia was that much bigger than the Speedy. I thought they're about the same size.
  10. sry about the confussion, but what i meant by bigger than speedy is the surface visual area (big square, compare w/ rectangle size of speedy, KWIM?) MM is 15 L x 10 H, GM is 17.7 L x 11.8 H and come w/small pochette attached, while Trouville is only 11.8 Lx 9.3 H. However it's bigger bang for the bucks if you go w/ Aurelia's never easy to decide on LV, good luck!:flowers:
  11. Yeah...I don't know, I'm not a fan of the Speedy, and I love the Trouville, but I like it better in Mono. I don't know what it was about the Aurelia that I started loving.

    I pretty much have decided on the Aurelia, just don't know white or black! LOL

  12. I tried on the white MM yesterday. I like!
  13. Hey Karman,

    I've been thinking about the Aurelia MM, too. Now, having seen the new "Handbag" style that's coming out, I'm torn. I like the new "Handbag" style because it has both handles and a shoulder strap (I've been wanting a bag like that for a while now)... and I like the closure. But the Aurelia is definitely a classic. I'm probably not going to buy for a while, either... but this (picking out) is the funnest part! :jammin:
  14. the handbag is on top of my list....i totally agree....both handles and straps!! what a way to go!!! :love: