aurelia mm or eliza??

  1. I just got my neverfull mm last weekend, but I wonder if I should get the aurelia mm or eliza instead. because I like the black mc much better and aurealia mm seems like a similar size to my neverfull mm, plus it has a cell phone pocket. also the eliza seems a good size for me too because it's smaller so i can wear it whenever i go shopping.

    do you think i should exchange my neverfull mm to aurelia mm or eliza? help!
  2. i like aurelia mm
  3. i think you already know the answer to that question.
  4. I like the aurealia mm best, but I also think the eliza is cute.
  5. Definently the aurelia!
  6. Two very different size bags.... aurealia mm gets my vote as it'll be more practical IMO.
  7. no i dont!!! i'm indecisive:p
  8. I vote Aurelia MM! IMO it would also look gorgeous on you! Good luck!
  9. I would keep the NF!:tup:

    But since you said you like MC...then i guess aurelia then...hahaha
    For me the aurelia doesn't really look appealing to me.... :sad:

    I guess I didn't really help you at all huh....:p
  10. aurelia so far :p
  11. aurelia! hope you got it!
  12. Go with what you'll love! I'd go for the aurelia!
  13. Aurelia!!! Post some modeling pics if you get it. That's one yummy bag. :tup:
  14. [​IMG]


    Just so people know which is which!

    I agree, 2 totally different bags... I think the Eliza is great if it is big enough for you!
  15. anyone have an modeling pics of these two bags? I have been considering the Eliza as well, but now I am questioning if it would too small.