Aurelia GM pr cabas mezzo owners - need advice!

  1. Hi gals!

    I'm dying for a black aurelia GM. It is nearly the same measurements as the cabas mezzo.

    I've seen some girls on here have the MM version but I have never seen a modeling demo pic of a GM. I'm not gonna make you take a photo of it on, but my boutique doesn't carry the GM so I can't see it in person. Soo, I need some advice.

    I rarely travel, but do have an upcoming trip to Vegas so maybe that's a good excuse for such a big bag. I'm a huge fan of shoulder bags.

    Aurelia GM or Cabas Mezzo owners- What do you use yours for? Could I use it as an everyday bag? I LOVE big bags!
  2. Several members have both these bags.
  3. I am partial to the MC line. I don't have either of the bags you are asking about But Ido have the aurelia MM and the batignolles horizontal. Which are a similar comparison only slightly smaller. I love both bags but if I had to choose I would pick the MC. If I had to pick between the 2 bags you are askin about I would pick the aurelia GM. I have thought about getting it myself because I love the MM soooo much.
  4. Do you think I'd be okay using the GM as an everyday bag? I am definitely going multicolore, just trying to justify buying the GM instead of MM aurelia.
    Should I get the smaller?

    Also, bling is yours the black or white??
  5. My aurelia is black and I love it very much! I wouldn't use it everyday because I panic about wearing it out so I rotate my bags. Although if you were looking for an everyday bag I would go for the MM over the GM. The MM is the perfect size for carrying everyting that you need. Not to mention it is sooooo beautiful! The Gm seems to me to be better for air travel or long trips where you would need to carry a lot of stuff that you wouldn't normally carry.
  6. I am also obsessed with the MC line. Most of may bags are MC!
  7. Me too .... I am so in LOVE with the MC line. :girlsigh:
  8. I am the same way bling! I have quite a few mono but only in unisex pieces and travel items cause my hubby is a LV lover too. I have wallets and a manhattan GM of my own. Multicolore is my thing tho! I adore it!
    I think I'm gonna go for a black multi aurelia mm unless I can find a cheap GM on eBay, then maybe I can do both! Let me know if yours needs a new home ever! hehe... I'm a GREAT surrogate mommy to black multicolore! lol