aunthenticating watches??

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  1. Hi everyone--

    Wondering if anyone has any experience authenticating watches? My friend just bought a Chopard watch at Costco and thinks it's authentic, but apparently they had some problem with Gucci watches a few years ago, so she's worried. Can one just have an authorized dealer look at the jewelry and render a decision? Pictures don't seem adequate since the "deel" of the jewelry is important also. I'd love to buy a watch at a discount but I am somewhat of a 'fraidy cat since Costco isn't an authorized dealer, and I wouldn't want my watch repossessed if I requested authentication.

  2. You can and should have it appraised by someone who has experience with watches if you're concerned about authenticity. Becoming an authorized retailer just means signing a contract, paying the licensing fees, and agreeing to buy x amount of stock from the maker, so I woudn't put too much stock in their ability to authenticate things right offhand.

    As for Costco, I think the fact that they have an excellent return policy would offset any issues you'd have with the authenticity of their items. :yes:
  3. my Mom bought a Cartier several years ago from Costco, definitely authentic. I have a Raymond Weil watch from Costco, my jeweler couldn't believe the great price I paid. That has been one of the best purchases I have ever made...that watch is still going strong after nearly 8 years of daily use (although right now I am wearing my Cartier)

    i would definitely purchase a fine watch at Costco!
  4. Huge designers would sue the pants off of Costco a long time ago if they got light about selling fake watches. That's not the case, so buy with confidence that their items are indeed authentic.