Aulmoniere owners--do you even get to use yours?

  1. Does anyone even own or has owned an aulmoniere or two on here? I know there are? Where art thou? ;)
  2. I'm totally curious as well! (Don't own one though :sad:)
  3. Maybe you should have written the title in neon lights ;) Think it was discontinued because noone bought them?
  4. I know for a fact that there are a few aulmoniere owners (at least former owners) on this forum, there have previously been threads about this great little accessory. Unfortunately, I never have, but I love a good small(er) clutch type bag.
    If I had one, I would use it all the time. When I go to the grocery I just bring a clutch because it is easier for me to tuck under my arm and shop hands-free. I love the aulmoniere strap because you don't have to "hold" it but you can keep it with you all the time, say, at a nightclub.
  5. I've got one in greige on pre-sale at NM right now.... marked down to $210. I had to have it, hopefully it will be easier to use than the makeup clutch you have to keep in your hands.
  6. That is awesome! Did NM have anything else interesting on pre-sale that you remember? :graucho:
  7. There was a cute black metallic clutch with a chain. 4 or 5 suede olive messengers with the brown square of leather on the front, not sure of the style? Another greige one like I got. Ivory and brown Matelasse clutches. 4 black whistle bags with rose gold hardware.

    And last but not least a mink Fendi Spy that the SA said has been there since the store opened originally $8k down to $4k LOL.
  8. There's a Plomb Matelasse for around $600 at the NM I usually buy from(can't be certain if it's $600 of $650...I was busy writing other stuff down from my SA--I just posted the other Bbag stock in Shopping under NM San Francisco stock)
  9. LOL:yahoo:
  10. ladybugfreckle--no worries, I'm grateful you're keeping it 'alive'! LOL:smile: My aumoniere is never going to get used....I don't think at least...
  11. Wow! Thanks for all of the info! The ring bag is interesting, I might have to look into it. I also saw a Clous ipod holder to match my wallet, that's what I'm debating now. It's a serious problem when I have funds to go to two-three bbags, but the waiting is making me antsy and spend-happy.
  12. if i had one, i would definitely use it. i like how it can used for day or night.
  13. I have an aulmoniere. It's very very cute. I'm selling it though because I have too many small bags, and I only use the large ones...
    If you get the chance to own one don't miss out, it's a very underrated style, it's cute, and the loop handle is so cool!