Augustdiscount Hug Me

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  1. This week I finally received my BEC Hug Me Midi from the august order. I was so excited for this one and it seemed to me it was on it's way for ages (wich was not reality off course!). I have it in black crash leather with bronze hardware, dark beige lining, no tassel (zipperpull), no crystal (stud).
    It's my first BEC and it took me a lot of thinking and considering before I made my final choices.
    She is so lovely :yahoo:
    Never had a unstructured big bag like this before, but it's really "hugable" and that's just what I want to do all the time.
    I've used her for 2 days now and the leather already gives in and gets smooshier.
    Look for yourself:

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  2. Thanks for the pics, looks super! How are you carrying this bag?
  3. When I'm not wearing a coat, the handles fit on my shoulder, but I can also hold in hand or crook of my arm. This morning I went to the supermarket and I used the messengerstrap, wich was really handy.
    I think I prefer this Huggie on my arm or in hand.
  4. I'm glad you are enjoying this style. I don't have one because I do like to wear cross body as much as shoulder and had read that the Hug Me was not primarily designed for that so maybe it's not for me. It's great being able to enjoy looking at other Belenistas bags though! :biggrin:

    I do love the compartments and zip closure and of course the black crash leather is devine.
  5. Pollux, that bag looks lovely. I usually carry my Hug Me in my hand (I love how it drapes) or using the messenger strap.
  6. Pollux..from what I can see the bag is gorgeous!! Can you make the pics a bit larger???

    How do you feel the midi size is like? Enough to carry your stuff.. or would you have wanted it larger?
  7. I have the regular size but absolutely love the way the medium and large sizes drape. My only reservation about the bigger sizes would be the weight but Pollux has chosen crash so that should be lighter than pebbled/matte.
  8. Pollux, elegant combo of HW and lining for your new bag!
  9. Oh, Pollux, don't you LOVE that dark beige lining? So rich, almost sinfully so.

    This is your first BE? You did a great job picking out such a beauty! May she be the first of many! (And there WILL be many if you hang out here long enough.)

    Give your Huggie a hug from me!

  10. Bonnie:
    I resized the original pictures and then they became to small; but I posted them anyway. Will try to undo the minimalizer or else make new ones.
    For me this midi size is more than enough for everyday use; I could easily put some extra"s in this bag, such as books or a cardigan. For me the bigger size would only do for overnight trips.

    Do you use the regular as a day bag?
    I like the draping too! And it's very true what you say about the weight of this crash leather: probably it is my lightest bag in this size, wonderful to wear.
    I'm sure you will love the dark beige lining in your nutmeg.

    TenKrat: thanks! I'm so happy I chose this combination; it's so versatile that it goes with much of my wardrobe.

    oh YES, YES, YES it's divine,and the name "dark beige" is so wrong! I find it so sparkling and luxurious... makes me wonder about the light beige!
    It's my first BEC, but not my first BE. I already had 5; all bought in a couple of months; so the addiction is already there.
    I've seen you have several mottled gold bags and they look so good on you; they go perfectly with your charisma!
  11. Beautiful bag!! Sounds like it fits you perfectly! Wear her in good health!
  12. Thanks pollux..I have the large and small, but still not sure about the midi size..might give it a shot!
  13. Slightly larger pics; I cannot get them the size I want.

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  14. It looks lovely on you! Black crash is a real workhorse. Enjoy!
  15. Your bag is stunning. I would love to have something in black crash....that lining is gorgeous, to be sure!