*~AUGUST~* Purchases!!!

  1. These summer months are just flying by:wtf: So here ya go my Coach girlies!! Lets get our August purchase thread going!!:yahoo:

    Cant wait to see who and what is first!!:nuts:
  2. Nothing yet but I am going to the Outlet tonight-- I will let you know how it goes.
  3. I bought my cell phone lanyard today...and my Demi should be at the house when I get home...but those are all July haha...
  4. I went to the outlet today...and got dog collars for my boys...I'm getting a new puppy thursday...and i also got one for my other dog...

  5. I just bought a large Sig Ergo hobo today...:wlae:
  6. OH! love the dog collars by the way. :yes: I think my Porkchop needs some Coach in her life. (yes, I said "her"--my sons named her..don't ask!)
  7. Can I guess that the were/are fans of the Nick-toon "Doug"? He had a dog named Porkchop. Don't ask *me* how I know that! :roflmfao:
  8. BINGO!!! Too funny! That IS how they got her name! LOL
  9. mzkyie
    I love your dog collars, so adorable! Please post pictures when you get your new puppy.
    I went to the outlet on Sunday specifically to get my dog a collar, they didn't have any extra smalls, of course. I got some really great stuff for me instead though. My purchases count for July, not August! :tdown: darn!
  10. mm I want to make a lil trip to the outlets very soon!
    It's usually an all day thing for me so it needs to be very well planned out.
    EVERYTHING was on sale last time we were there.
  11. Cute collars!

    Man I wish I could get to an outlet... *CRY*
  12. congrats!! I want a bag before school starts, maybe a tote that can hold my books.
  13. Havent purchased anything for August yet. But I am hitting the outlets near Palm Springs, CA for my bday weekend 9/9. My daughter said she would buy me whatever I wanted. hmmm, do you think she meant one of each?
  14. How come you can't?
    I see that your from Cambridge! There's one in Wrentham not to far away from here!
  15. I just got my black sig. ergo hobo today:love:! It fits everything from my legacy shoulder bag---yippee...!