August Babies Check in Here!!

  1. I've been noticing alot of "My B-day" threads lately.

    Either there are alot of us Coach Loving Leo Gals or we just like to brag about our B-day more than others (not like us Leo's would ever want to be the center of attention or anything!)

    Who else is celebrating?! When & whatcha get?!

    My 39th (1st Annual 39th B-day) is tomorrow, 8/15.

    I bought myself a White Mandy & DH bought me a Suede Soho Satchel in Bordeaux.:wlae:
  2. My B-day was 8-8!!! It was the big 24!!!!

    I didn't buy myself anything special so far, but I have my eye on a few things on eBay!!!

    Happy b-day to any fellow Leos!!!!!!!!!!!! :yahoo::p:tup::wlae:
  3. I think this thread is a great idea.....we should have a Birthday thread each month. It allows for..................

    Happy Birthday to all of you August Babies:cutesy:

  4. I'll chime in!!!

    I was 37 yesterday (13-Aug)...but I tell everyone it's my annual 29th b-day hahahahaha!!

    I got myself a Black & White Sig Stripe Demi!! :yahoo:

    And Hubby sent me a giant bouquet of roses, carnations, and balloons at work....thus turning all the other gals GREEN haha He's so wonderful!
  5. Happy Birthday to all the other Leos! I was 22 on August 9 and I bought myself the Legacy Mandy I think is what it's called! My bf bought me a bracelet from Tiffany and Co. so I'm thinking maybe some Coach for Xmas, lol, he's so good to me! Can anyone tell me what color this one is? Slate?
    Legacy Shoulder Satchel.jpg
  6. I believe it's Charcoal.

    Happy B-day everyone!
  7. Woo-Hoo!! :tup: Happy Birthday Everyone!!! :flowers: My birthday is on August 16th.. I will be 31... I just got a medium carly and just found out hubby has planned a night away in Las Vegas with NO KIDS :yes: and of course we are going to the Coach outlets!!! yipee!!! :rochard:
  8. My birthday is AUGUST 9 as well!!!! Unfortunately, the year is not the same as you....:s I just turned 38!!!! Boy, I feel old! Anyhoo, I got a Legacy chocolate sig shoulder flap from my hubby and boys. I'm also going to buy myself some sig cleaner (as recommended by you fine ladies) as a belated b-day gift to myself. LOL :nuts:
  9. OH MY....and YET ANOTHER THING we have in common!!!!! And NO I wasnt born in August...My bday is in October!!!

  10. 44 on 8/29!!!! My DH promises whatever I desire, even knowing all about my handbag addiction!!!
  11. Happy Birthday to all you gorgeous Leo and Virgo August Coach babes!!! [from your Taurean sista pursegrrl]
  12. I'm a coach loving Leo! I'll be 36 on the 15th of August! Happy Birthday to my August birthday buddies!
  13. I love this thread!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ALL OF US!!!!
  14. Happy B-day to all you August Ladies!!!!!!!!!! I was in July!
  15. Mine is tomorrow, the 15th....and I ***THINK*** I am getting a medium Carly! :smile: And not sure what else, DH says something from each of my 2 little girls. Oh, and I will be turning 34. :smile:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY to all the others!!!!!! :yahoo: