August 18th in NYC???

  1. I will be in NYC:yahoo: on august 18th, is anyone interested to get together?
  2. I would love to but I am already spending all of Friday there, so I don't think I can swing it.
  3. That's too bad, but hopefully another opportunity comes up:smile:
  4. ^^ yes too bad, Rose and I will both be there all day Friday and we both are tied up Saturday. You will just have to come another time! :smile:
  5. Ugh I was just in NYC on Sat....miserable weather though!
    H: are you going to be there for the sale on 8/22?
  6. No I won't be able to make that :crybaby: I'll be just there the night of the 17th through morning 19th... My DH & I have a week holiday without the kids, we will stay 5 days in Nantucket and 2 days in NYC.

    oh that's too bad, hopefully I can come another time, maybe but not sure yet, september 3 or 4th.
  7. Oh that should be a wonderful trip! Enjoy!
    Can you come the weekend of 9/8, that is the next tPF NYC gathering?
  8. Pepper thank you ;) I will give it a try, we are invited for a party on the 3th maybe we can glue some extra days:smile:
  9. i could do fridaynight as well too just as an option:smile: