August 14 2006 -- COACH Sightings!

  1. Just wanted to share my sightings with you guys today. While I was at work I saw a lady with the small stripe tote in white and WOW. Its so cute! It didnt seem as tall as it does in the stock photo, but its still cute as a button! I would definitely get the smaller tote versus the larger one.


    I also saw this bag, but unfortunately this womans was fake, and a horrible one at that. The C's were all wrong, they were all facing upward, yuck.


    By the way, has anyone found the style # for this bag? There have been some authenticity issues on this style, as in, did COACH even make this style?
  2. im not sure actually, i havent seen one around here yet.
  3. That second bag is gorgeous if indeed it was made by Coach & not a fake. I've been looking for the style # & haven't came across it yet.
  4. Another sighting today at work girls! I saw a girl carrying this bag only in pink trim! I'm not into long bags but this was such a cute purse because its slim and I like slim styles!

  5. [​IMG]

    That is a GORGEOUS bag... I'll keep my fingers crossed that it's real- I definitely have to own it if it is. :love:
  6. ^ I hope its real too because I really really like it!
  7. ^^ Ditto!
  8. Yes they did make this bag it was part of the spring 2006 collection for Coach they had the leather version on the web site, but never had the signature line on the site. It was rare to find and retailed around $400. I absolutely loved this bag and rarely found any being sold on Ebay and when they were being sold it was $$$$$ hence I went for a different bag. The bag shown is style #5089 there are a few on Ebay in the black, but the one shown is the most desirable and none on Ebay that I found. Good Luck!
  9. I think I have the catalog this bag is in at home. I'll look when I get off work, see if they list the style # in the catalog.
  10. All of us are going to have this bag LOL!
  11. Thanks for the link...Coach never sold it, only department stores! Damn, I'm going to have trouble finding it, but have to wait until I purchase my first LV.
  12. question: Why does she have links to websites that sell fakes??? What if that Coach one isn't real b/c she did have a link at one time to take you to a site to buy one, now it's gone. Just strange, I guess.
  13. It is a little strange indeed... I popped in the # in my search on ebay and found a couple that looked decent. My main concern is if the bag is so rare, why aren't they selling for a little more? Maybe people haven't realized how awesome they are yet. Looks like I have something new to lust over! :yahoo: