August 11th is fast approaching...

  1. I know I have posted on here a while back saying that I found out from my sister that my mom was buying me the LV BH for my 30th birthday present! Well, I'm a "I believe it when I see it type of person", and for as much as I know my mom would buy it for me, I dunno-I'm getting a little gun shy into thinking that she's going to. But then last weekend, I got pushed out of my parents house because my mom and dad were taking a "Trip" To Atlantic City for "Something". (The closest LV store to my parents is in AC). I guess I just have a hard time believing that she'd buy it-kwim? UGH!

    Here is my background. I've been trying to save for my first LV for a while now (Over a year). I'm a singer in a band and the money is super good! However, I had to quit because the travel time was long for me, and I've been singing for 5 years straight with no break. I just needed some time off! So I had a decent amount of money saved and I was getting excited because I could just smell my LV!
    Well, DH is a conservative type of person. However, He works in the apparel industry, (Director of Operations for Van-Heusen). So everytime I say I want a purse or something I have to listen to the "I can't justify paying X amount of dollars on a stupid purse----------Because I know how much it cost to make those purses". UGH!!!!:cursing:. So I pretty much know If I want it, I have to get it for myself.
    Anyway-After I hit my semi-retirement from singing, all the money I made and had saved was gone!!! I was brought up getting everything as a child, and If I did not get it right then and there, I got it eventually. And unfortunately for me, I'm the same way with my boys. I would never NOT let them have something they've been dying for! So all the money I had went right to my kids, and was gone in less than 2 weeks.
    I had told my mom-all my money was gone. And that I'm just never going to see that purse. And she sympathizes with me-she knows how much I want it, and I know she feels bad that my DH would not even contribute-because that's how he is. (He almost had a heart attack paying $400.00 for my Juicy Couture Diaper bag.) I am not greedy. I can honestly say that. I don't ask for much of anything, (I am fortunate enough to be a Stay at home Mom-with 3.5 kids, and not struggle like a lot of my neighbors) I don't like to ask DH for money because he pays for everything-and I'm a prideful person and if I want it badly enough, I'll try to sell stuff on eBay, or consignment just to make the money for it. (but then that money I make, also goes right out the window to my kids.)

    UGH-Sorry to type your eyes off! LOL! I'm just fusterated I guess. LOL! Or maybe I'm thinking that this would be too go to be true if this is what I really AM getting for my birthday! My party is August 11th.

    I'm sorry that this post is so long, and that it probably does not make sense....I guess I needed to just vent off my last minute nervousness before my party. DH said that already there is going to be close to 70+ people, I am on Bedrest because my pregnancy is taking a toll on my body, and I just want my darn purse so bad-I don't know what to do with myself! LOL! I think I'm just stressed out! (I did not realize how many friends I had! We were not expecting the guest list to get this big!)

    Thanks for Reading, and please don't think I'm a freak! I'm totally normal, I promise!!:roflmfao:

    ~~Please send me Brown LV Dust~~
  2. ***Sending lots of brown LV dust*** lol

    Your post made sense. Don't stress so much about the purse, I am sure you will get it. Take time to relax, you obviously need it! I don't really know what else to say. I hope you get your purse and happy early early b-day!!! Oh... and enjoy that fab birthday party that you are going to have! :yahoo:
  3. awwwh i'm sure august 11th will be a great day for you. don't stress about purses! we don't need to stress about something we love! you will have one soon! :smile: and yes, happy early birthday!!
  4. You look so happy in your sig pic!! You would think that after three kids and now bed rest with the fourth, that DH would gift you with this one thing. It is very wonderful that you get to stay at home with your kids, but that's like 4 full time jobs!!!!!!!

    And when he's at work, he never has to worry about them or the house because you are there to take care of it all. I think one purse is worth all that :smile:

    But it seems like your mom realizes all that so I REALLY hope you get what you want! Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy and Happy early birthday!
  5. I hope your mom does get the bag you want! A DH can be so frustrating lol. My mom used to give me gifts before, too.
  6. ughhh men!

    but before i get into that, CONGRATS ON UR BUN IN THE OVEN! :smile: and happy early bday!!

    dont worry about the purse, im sure ur mom will get it for u, if not i would grab my dh's ear and be like look-- i want it and i want it now ARGHHHH (thats me being mean) haha ok maybe not. But maybe u should try showing him the LV website and how they are made, maybe he just doesnt realize the art of it? i know my BF was tottally impressed when he saw the clips ont he website!
  7. Honey~ I sympathsize with you. I wish my DH had a party for me! I have never had one...You will have a great time. Think on this...if you get $$$ you can put it towards your LV! That is if your mom already hasn't gotten you yet:graucho:...Take it easy...I bet the BH will be there on your day! Have a great B-day and try to relax...I know that is hard, but try! Congrats on the new bambino! And your early b-day!

    LV DUST LV DUST LV DUST....:balloon:
  8. You said the money went toward your kids? What did you buy for them?
  9. I wouldn't stress either, I think you definitely deserve your LV! I can empathize about men who can't justify spending $ on a nice purse.
  10. My DH doesn't understand my "need" for LV either :noggin:As hard as it is, I would try not to stress about it. Here's sending lots of LV dust your way and Happy Early Birthday!
  11. I totally know that feeling of, "I want it right now!"....but since there is hope for your should just hold out for a little bit longer....

    And you have plenty of time to save up for the BH, since its not limited.... So time to just relax and enjoy the wonderful things you have coming up!!!!!:smile:
  12. I hope you get the bag of your dreams....but even if you DON'T--- you have alot of other things in your life right now that you have to look forward to....things that are priceless compared to an LV bag.... a great supporting DH, 3 kids and one on the way, a family that loves don't be disappointed if there's no LV on the 11th....IMO, you have truly been blessed.
  13. Happy early birthday & new baby!
    Please be happy & who knows- your DH may be more understanding than you know.
  14. sorry to hear about your dilemma. congrats on the baby and early happy birthday to you. don't stress out too much, it's not good for the baby. i really do hope your mom gets you the purse, then you can make your hubby feel guilty! j/k anyway i think i would give up my collection minus maybe 2 of my favorite purses if i can be a stay home mom! please do feel better and i think if your mom tells you she'll get it, she will!
  15. You sound like a great mom and it sounds like your mom is equally as understanding. Hope she does give you your birthday wish on the 11th of August. You never know your DH may surprise you for being the such a DW all these years. Patience has its virtue. :flowers: