AUGH!!! Unconfirmed addresses drive me nuts!!

  1. How can I better explain to people how to confirm their address? I tell them to add their cc to their paypal account, but don't you have to make sure that the shipping addy matches the cc billing addy? Is that right/

    I've got like $500 in sales tied up right now bc of stupid unconfirmed addresses!!!!!!!! :cursing:
  2. I've had the same problems. I just tell them, I am not selling to them unless they give me a confirmed address.
  3. The part that sucks is if you send a package to an uncomfirmed address you as a seller are not covered!! I think that there are ways to block people who don't have comfirmed addresses yeah?
  4. Yup, shipping address must match billing address, and they must reside in the US, UK, or Canada. It's pretty simple really.
  5. nope, you can't, all you can do it set up in paypal to automatically decline from unconfirmed addys, that does me no good, I hate that the auction has to end to them!
  6. I feel like bad ebayers ruin it for those of us who can't help but have unconfirmed addresses. On-campus housing won't confirm anything for anyone. My college wouldn't even confirm my full-time status to the New York State Gov't. When I'm home, it's okay, but when on campus, I'm disabled heavily and it's uncool. :sad:
  7. I'm not sure why it would matter for your housing office, as long as your billing and shipping address match, that is all that matters for being confirmed. :confused1:

    At least to the best of my knowledge... but I'm still learning.
  8. I had my on-campus address as my billing address for my credit card, I remained unconfirmed nonetheless.
  9. is it really a horrible idea to ship to unconfirmed
    as long as you get insurance and tracking from the post office??
  10. I don't think it is! :yes: I'll be moving back to NYC next week, so I can be bad then, it's just hard not to be bad *now* as I procrastinate/not study for my final in 10 hours.
  11. It's really risky shipping to an unconfirmed address! Paypal only protects sellers if they ship to a confirmed address. If there is a dispute of any kind, the possibility of the seller losing the dispute is significantly greater because the package was sent to an unconfirmed address.
  12. Sadly some people just can't get their address confirmed and even Paypal don't know why. A friend has had a Paypal account for five years always at the same address and still is unconfirmed!

    I'd judge each case individually, I mean would you turn away a 300+ fb bidder because of this. Plus if you send it via a trackable and fully insured method and then the buyer denies receiving it you report them for mail fraud!
  13. yes, because paypal will side with the buyer if there's a problem because they clearly state if its an unconfirmed address you have no protection from fraud
  14. I do this too, but these few that are tied up right now have 1 feedback or 0 feedback. AUGH!