Audrina's large bag - please ID

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  1. Hi everyone,

    Can anyone ID this bag she's carrying? Thanks!!!

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  2. Here's 2 other photos that might be helpful - thanks again

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  3. Someone asked about this - OI says it's Linea Pelle, but no one can confirm yet.
  4. Hi IrisCole!!! (sorry for missing the other thread) -- thanks for the info about Linea Pelle!!!

  5. ^^ I can't find threads in this sub-forum, even when I know they're there, lol! Everyone uses nicknames, or abbreviations, or sometimes just the first name, or the last, or no name... what can you do :smile::shrugs:
  6. I agree!! :yes:

    If, by chance, I find the bag - I'll post back. It's such a gorgeous (fits everything - huge) bag!!
  7. I also LOVE the bag and want to know which brand it is. The girls in the LP subforum didn't know this style. I wrote a message to Audrina (you can do it in the ask section on her homepage), I hope she will respond!
  8. It does look like LP, and I posted in the other thread that a guess from me would be Jerome Dreyfuss...? It is a great looking bag- hope she writes back so you can be sure :smile:
  9. Another user posted in the other thread that it is Topshop :smile: So glad we found the bag!
  10. Thanks for tracking it down!!!!!! :smile:
    (They might come out with different colors for the holidays and maybe even the larger size. TopShop said to occasionally check back to their website. Hopefully, they offer it. I love her shade of brown!)

    If anyone finds the size/color, will you please let us know?
  11. sure thing!!!
  12. yum. i want the white one!