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  1. Saw an Audrina clutch today in John Lewis in creased leather and 2 larger bags with the same fastening- like a bolt that goes through 3 hoops. - v attractive but quite fiddly. Anyone else seen them? The larger bags had no tags so no idea what they are called!
    I liked them but the leather had a slight gloss so not for me.
  2. I just mentioned these on another thread. The larger ones with long straps were audrina messengers and I think there was an audrina tote. I liked the leather but thought the fastener would drive me potty!
  3. Awww have to visit John Lewis! :nuts:
  5. Ohhh tell me more. How big were the messengers? About the same as a mitzy messenger? What sort of shape were they? Does anyone have any ideas on the price of the messenger too?

  6. OMG I actually thought this thread was going to be about The Hills! The Audrina sounds very interesting, would love to see a pic!
  7. Sorry- should have used my camera phone to get a pic. There were balck ones and fuschia ones. I couldn't find any tags so no idea of prices! The messenger one looked similar size to mitzy messenger.
  8. I saw these today, Jo. Actually, I thought of you when I saw the tote - it just seemed quite a "you" shape, for some reason :thinking:

    The tote was £495. I think the pouch was around £350 - I thought it was very sweet. I really loved the hardware - it's very tactile.
  9. Must admit i liked the shape but personally would prefer it in matt leather.
  10. I saw them at the Trafford Centre, quite liked the fastening but agree it would probably drive me bonkers in everyday use!
  11. I need to see this! Would like a clutch for a/w 09...
  12. Ohh, sounds very interesting - always on the look out for the perfect messenger. Have to go to a Mulberry store next week to take a look, they are not on the website yet.
  13. Hula- I thought the clutch was very cute actually. Afer a few drinks trying to do the fastening up could be a challenge though!!!
  14. Exactly. Who needs a breathaliser test? If you can't do up your Audrina buckle, you've had enough :lol:
  15. It is stunning! Although, as I mentioned yesterday on a different thread, it WAS tricky to get the key back in. But as a little clutch bag (£195) is was STUNNING.